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The world of entertainment today is vast, it cannot be defined, it is intertwined and has become one.

One cannot, for example, have music without fashion- and vice versa.

Rock Stars, supermodels, actors and actresses and sports heroes have formed Mutual Admiration Societies.

On www.fasttrack.hk, you will see Who's In, Who's Out, What's Hot and What's Not- in Hong Kong and the rest of the world- in English and Chinese.

It's all ballsy stuff that breaks new ground and tells it like it is.

The gloves are off.

Fast Track is the authority and driving force to steer you along the edgy road to this new world of entertainment..

Of course, there will be our opinions- off-the-wall, to-the-point and no waffle.

More important to us is what you think. Really think.

Agree, disagree, or tell us to take a hike.

As long as it's a hike on the fast track of life, it doesn't matter.