The really really good news for the other jockeys riding at Happy Valley tonight is that Zac Purton is only riding in seven of the nine races on the card.

These still early days to this racing season, but the Zac Attack is very much in a class of his own. He’s riding better than anyone else, he’s riding smarter than anyone else and he’s become- wait for it- a social media influencer. Zac is working it, he’s enjoying working it and it’s all working for him.

With interest in taking in racing on television a hit or miss affair these days, especially when with someone who prefers watching anything else rather than horses going around, whatever is unfolding on the track is a game of chance, or an intermission to the feature- that is if even at home on a Sunday afternoon.

Still, there was enough to see on Sunday just how well The Influencer read the track, moved his rides to the middle where the going was definitely better, and, from here, confidently rode four winners. It came ascloseasthis to him riding a quintet if Lucky More saluted in the last.

It was obvious to even Stevie Wonder that anywhere near the inside rail was taboo and not the place to be.

Despite this, perhaps it was brain freeze or just stubbornness, to see one particular rider who really should know better, continue to take this path to nowhere more than a few times.

The tactics (?) were wacky, bizarre and just plain loco.

Tired of seeing this happen and hot favourites being rolled like soggy tacos, a well dressed racegoerilooking quite dapper and dressed for Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Day, perhaps in the heat and humidity of the moment made his feelings known. It wasn’t the guy below.

A few others joined in about this jockey’s riding and some unnecessary remarks about his mother and everything being heard everywhere, interest in the televised racing product was magically lifted.

How was the racing at Shatin on Sunday? Ho hum with some flip flops and tied up with a ridiculous bow tie.

Racing fans were none the wiser except for the usual tales of woe after the fact in the potty Alibaba reportage of English racing media.

At least the online Chinese racing media called it as they saw it immediately.

It’s on these occasions where we miss not being around to see the unhinged and hugely popular television racing personality Tung Biu.

“Uncle” Bill was judge, jury and unofficial Chief Steward and was known to cut loose and go after jockeys he believed were playing games.

Often, his outbursts were like Howard Beale on monkey glands.

“Uncle” Bill is still talked about with great reverence and is said to have been terrific television, perfect for local audiences and with criticism of rides continuing the next day during track work with a few altercations thrown in.

These days, it’s all a tad too precious and pretentious. It’s polite corporate kaka being transmitted from La La Land.

Here’s the deal: No. One. Cares. At least not the majority of audiences in Hong Kong. Isn’t the Chinese mothership here and not on some Planet Commingling?

Who though really knows anything these days, right, Alice?

Forecast for tonight’s races: Recommended is skipping the first few races and working out a 6up.

If stumbling at the first or second hurdle, and the odds are high that many will, try your luck with a Treble. There will definitely be value.

Maybe The Fast Tracker might be able to help if not out there with the masked man on a horse and wearing tights and cowboy boots.