Race 1
A Class 5 race with some very ordinary runners. Leave us out.

Jolly Forever (12)
Strathmine (8
Jimmu (4)
Grand Power (7)

Race 2

Steel Win (8)
Hercules (3)
Blotting Paper (5)
Magic Supreme (2)

Race 3
Lord Thunder (4)
Sunny Delight (6)
Fortune Happiness (8)
Infinite Power (4)

Race 4
Nine maidens of the fourteen runners means that just about anything can win. All one can do is guess though as we were on Fox Cheunger last time- he disappointed- being masochists, we’ll go to the well one more time.

Fox Cheunger (7)
Alloy Star (6)
Seize The Spirit (2)
Even Keel (12)

Race 5
A race for non winners so it doesn’t take an Einstein to deduce that something will be having their first winner. Duh.

Xiang Yin (4)
Solar Power (9)
Laputa (7)
The Anomaly (5)

Race 6
Spontaneous (8)
Speedy Mouse (4)
Harmony Spirit (6)
Mega Heart (7)

Race 7
Green Envy (6)
Go Go Sixteen (10)
Awe (5)
Brilliant China (13)

Race 8
With it being the 38th wedding anniversary of Tony and Pauline Cruz, and just to be ironic, we’re making his runner Ima Single Man our best bet of the day.

Ima Single Man (2)
Gluck Racer (9)
Proud Dragon (12)
Trust Me (13)

Race 9
Blake Shinn, who was interviewed about the chances of Super Wealthy was so ecstatic and looked as if he was going to burst with enthusiasm, well, as much as Shinny can muster.

Transferred from the Douglas Whyte stable to David Hayes, Super Wealthy tackles the Shatin 1000m sprint for the first time, and despite all the gushing and Shinning, we’re not really that confident. And how about Winner Method (10) opening at $1 overnight?

Winner Method (10)
Lucky More (5)
Hong Kong Win (4)
Trillion Win (7)

Race 10
Easily the best race of the day
My Sugar (5)
The Golden Scenery (3)
Super Ten (6)
Moeraki (11)