The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Award

Winners: Douglas Whyte and Jerry Chau

Photos by @wallancewanck

He arrived in Hong Kong by default when suddenly named the last minute replacement for gonski apprentice Gary Lo. By the end of this season, apprentice Jerry Chau was not only mixing it up with the leading jockeys in Hong Kong, he was often being the tail wagging the older dogs. Well, something like that.

Photo by @WallaceWanck

In his corner as Mentor-In-Chief and his very own Yoda has always been Douglas Whyte.

Photo by @wallacewanck

Having been Champion Hong Kong Jockey for thirteen consecutive years, and knowing the lay of the land, the Kid and the Sheriff combined to have a remarkably successful season. They were the Batman and Robin of Hong Kong racing. Something like that.

What happens when Jerry Chau becomes a senior jockey? We’re tipping, he’ll still be riding for Douglas Whyte…as his stable jockey.

You were thinking that Jer might one day be riding as stable jockey for John Size??? Perish the thought.


Ride Of The Year
A tie: Winners:
A) Jerry Chau winning on Rainbow Light.
Why? Because Douglas Whyte has mentioned to the media that it probably was “the ride of the season”. Who are we to argue?

Photo by @wallacewanck

B) Joao Moreira outfoxing his opponents while they were busy having a siesta with a very clever ride to win the Hong Kong Derby on the Caspar Fownes trained Sky Darci.

Photo by @wallacewanck

The Survivor Award

Trainer Peter Ho

Another very average year for the very average horse trainer and, rather predictably, another Trainer’s License for next season. Mediocrity has its privileges.

Trainer Of The Year
Winner: Francis Lui

(Photo: Alex Evers)

Golden Sixty aside, and for whom he has always mapped out a meticulously campaign, the quietly spoken trainer has been very profitable to those who follow his gallopers and a stable he manages (and markets) extremely well.

Trending this year… Jockeyoga

The Mr Miyagi Bowing Award

Winner: Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges,
CEO Hong Kong Jockey Club

Photo: @wallacewanck

The Harry Styles Style Award

Winner: Douglas Whyte

Photo by @wallacewanck

The Apple Sometimes Falls Far From The Tree Award
Winner: Kara Whyte, daughter of you-know-who

The Moses Award

Winner: Joao Moreira

Photo by @wallacewanck

He didn’t part the Red Seas, but the Brazilian Magic Man did pretty much everything else this racing season- won the Hong Kong Jockey Championship, won the HK Derby, rode a four timer at the last Shatin meeting of this year making it 1001 winners in Hong Kong plus won two Group 1 races.

The Terminator Award

Photo by @wallacewanck
The Zac Attack. He’ll be back! Bet on it!

The Size Doesn’t Matter Award
Winner: Casibah

Photo by @wallacewanck

Poster Of The Year

Fabulous work by @LeeMingDonald

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