No one knows when or why it happened, but when people living in Duh woke up one day, they had become not very smart.

Duh wasn’t always called Duh and its people weren’t always so full of the dunnos.

Back in the day and before The Big Duh rained on the city, everyone would have something to do and somewhere to go and the capacity to dream big.

Everyone had even heard of the word “capacity” and other big words like “serendipitous”, “metamorphosis”, “vapidity”, “superficiality” and that “you’re” and “your” and “they’re” and “their” and “of” and “have” have very different meanings. And then came The Big Duh.

People started communicating via something like primitive cave paintings going way back to Tag and The Far Side and Neanderthal times which were called emojis. Why? Duh, very few knew.

In Duh, everyone was a “bro”, “brother”, “bruh” or “sista”. It was almost as if thinking of names for sons and daughters, which once were so important, really didn’t matter any more.

Frankly, nothing much mattered as thinking- really thinking- had become a lost art. And if art was lost, what was there to find?

This question was met with a very big Duh, and so the only sensible thing to do was to take a selfie. Most selfies looked completely like someone else- someone who didn’t really exist- but this was dohkay. It was something to duh.

Actually, there wasn’t much to duh so the people of Duh would gather to kill some time and Duhliberate about this and that and nothing of any consequence- and which is why what made the most sense to the Duhers was to keep repeating “Duhno”.

That’s not exactly true; the Duh people knew every reason why something and everything couldn’t work. So if nothing worked, what was the point of duhing anything?

So they didn’t. Instead, all this duhness was shared on places like Duhbook.

ACDuhC tried to rock on about the state of the world, but this never took off. There just wasn’t enough material.

Wellness was replaced by Duhness and this seemed to work. It might have even been embraced.

After all, there was nothing to it.

So remember that when all else fails, just say, Duh.

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