Jockey to follow: Chad Schofield

All racing photos: @Wallace Wanck

Race 1
Miracle Victory (8)
Smart Idea (9)
Turbo Power (1)
HK Dragon (4)

Race 2
Ka Ying Spirit (6)
Dragon Baby (1)
Island Sunshine (11)
Carry The Diamond (13)

Race 3

Cheerful Star (2)
Joy N Fun Legend (13)
Amazing Agility (5)
The Joy Of Giving (12)

Race 4
Rhapsody (4)
Jade Phoenix (2)
Shadow Runner (1)
Smart Wongchoy (12)

*Coming up: The Yin Yang Chow Fan Podcast
It’s where East meets West and Bloodstock agent Ian Sham teams up with the Racingbitch. Nothing is outta limits…

Race 5
Ultra Express (3)
Robot Warrior (6)
Dandy Years (1)
Leading Fortune (2)

Race 6

Sunny Baby (10)
Master Hero (2)
Gracylove (6)
A La King (1)

Race 7
Panfield (6)
Russian Emperor (2)
Charity Fun (10)
Packing Waltham (12)


Race 8
Hurry Hurry Gain (4)
Soaring Tower (10)
All In Mind (1)
Storm Warning (3)

Race 9

Looking Great (3)
California Ten (2)
Soaring Tower (10)
Enzemble (9)

Race 10
Trillion Win (1)
Decisive Twelve (11)
Big Fortune (3)
Pleasant Endeavour (9)

Race 11
Fantastic Treasure (1)
CP Brave (3)
Kasi Farasi (9)
Uncle Steve (2)

Parting Shot
“Racing To Win” is a harmless piece of HKJC “edutainment” produced, for one is told, the hardcore punter. But, good grief, what’s with the James Last type of brassy Seventies music that meanders around in the background and works at loggerheads with whatever it is that the Three Amigos are trying to say?

Not as annoying as The Screamer in WA who doesn’t seem to understand what a microphone is for and the mutterings of The Red Belly Man, but some rhubarb that’s completely unnecessary.


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