Someone decided to rewrite the script and the changes made were for the better. Strangely different, but better.

After all who wants predictability in horse racing? It’s all about mixing things up and offering value.

Value is what Hong Kong racing fans received when hotpots crashed and burned. It took until the ninth race for the Brazilian Magic Man to find his wand and mojo and ride his first winner on FWD Champions Day at Sha Tin.

Before Joao Moreira, like Stella, got her groove back, those who make a study of finding winners in horse racing were probably making mewing sounds.

Like dominos, sizzling hot favourites like Fantastic Way, Japan’s “unbeatable” Danon Smash in the Group 1 Chairman’s Sprint Prize, Gallant Express, Packing Award and Daring Tact in the QE II Cup, all failed to fire. Most didn’t even get lukewarm.

Danon Smash became Danon Crrrrrashhhh and was hardly sighted. It was left to jockey Alexis Badel, trainer Richard Gibson and the very good Wellington to steal the Sprint Prize with consummate ease.

There were popular cameo appearances- Matthew Chadwick riding his 400th winner in Hong Kong. Way to go, Matty!

There was the often underrated Derek Leung bringing home E Star at around 13-1.

Trainer Caspar Fownes snapped a kinda long losing streak when Blake Shinn and his one-time apprentice Vincent CY Ho helped to give him a much welcomed double.

The star of this show on turf- by many lengths? Vincent CY Ho.

Yes, as expected he, Trainer Francis Lui and Golden Sixty combined to win the Classic Mile- the private purchase’s fourteenth consecutive win. The unassuming Lui even trained the stable quinella.

Half an hour later, Vincent Ho made the most of his opportunity to be given the ride on Japan’s Loves Only You and rode off with the QE II Cup.

Opportunities like this don’t come everyday. It’s definitely helped elevate the international brand of this popular and exceptional Made In Hong Kong riding talent.

There being a new turnover record is nice as this helps improve the racing product, the racing experience and the needs of the community.

What turnover doesn’t buy is an emotional attachment with the pastime from those asking, “What’s in it for me?”.

This is where, the treble on Champions Day by Vincent Ho said so much and was the hook line to this event.

It was the best advertisement for Hong Kong racing. Word of mouth advertising always is.

There’s a ‘feel good’ factor to what Vincent Ho accomplished. It’s very different to more successes from the duopoly of the brilliant Joao Moreira and Zac Purton.

It’s something more than hearing about making more money over more money at a time when many don’t have any and those who do have no idea how to even enjoy it.

More of those fleeting ‘feel good’ moments are what’s needed today- in everything. They’re priceless, they can’t be planned, and yet, it’s about making them happen and last. That’s the trick. That’s the magic.

At Sha Tin on Sunday, Vincent Ho’s three wins were something for everyone to enjoy- racing fans and those who will somehow hear about the news and wish to know more the pastime.

This is how horse racing expands its customer base. It’s how horse racing can learn so much more about different consumer needs and trends in these changing times.

It means listening, watching and removing the old school blinkers.

After all, nothing is like it was. And everything is changing every nanu second of every day.

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