A few months ago came the very LOUD declaration that he was heading to Singapore to be a race caller for the Singapore Turf Club. Twitter went into something of a racing fraternity meltdown.

This never happened- going to Singapore. Edward Sadler stayed put with the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Here, he was apparently given a pay hike by Senior HKJC Executive Billy Bob Nader, below,  the Big Cheese, who manages all things under Broadcasting, and accorded the opportunity to call a few races and continue doing what he does best- interviewing jockeys and trainers on course. Billy might have even given Eduardo a cap.

Again, Twitter’s racing fraternity, largely from Australia, went into mild meltdown when praise about his good debut as a race caller was tweeted.

A certain wag, while congratulating the new race caller took the pissoir by mentioning how, if the late great James Brown was known as “the hardest working man in showbiz”, Eduardo was the hardest working man in horse racing.

Unhappy to leave good enough alone, one serial tweeter in racing went as far as to say that Eduardo was as talented as Soul Brother
#1. We know, we know.

A few days later came the news that young Eduardo was leaving Hong Kong to join the Titanic that is racing.com in Melbourne to do something or another and how this was always his plan.

Someone at the HKJC must be still wiping the egg off his face- again. No prizes for guessing who.

This latest announcement was greeted with muted interest. Ho hum. It was time to move on. It had started to sound like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. No one has time nor interest in silly childish games like this.

Even those who might have been “on side” saw bridges being detonated whereas others with ears closer to the ground wondered who else currently involved in Hong Kong racing might be already getting on their bikes.

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