The job of advertising a product is, first and foremost, to have it noticed.

Hopefully, the work stands out from the clutter, because it’s outstanding.

More often than not, however, advertising is either missed because blandness never sells anything, or else it stands out like dogs balls because it’s just so awful- so awful not even Sherlock Holmes can find clues to any semblance of an idea.

Let’s not get into my thoughts as to how horse racing advertises its product- and always, to appeal to the lowest common denominator. What aspirational marketing? And one wonders why blue chip sponsors want nothing to do with this pastime?

Staying with horse racing, for over the past few months- and using mainly Twitter- there’s been the marketing of the latest product from former bookmaker Tom Waterhouse- Tom being the son and heir of Australia’s Waterhouse racing dynasty.

Whatever he has dropped onto the online platform has certainly not gone unnoticed.

How could it?

With the only constant being Tom in a well-tailored baby blue suit, he has been photographed cradling goats, lambs and baby llamas with always- always- rather attractive females pouting and hanging around him because of the massive vibes he’s giving off.

It brings to mind that Robert Palmer video for “Addicted To Love”. Remember?

What does all this Tom Tom Club randomness mean?

Does anything today really need a meaning?

It is what it is and whatever you want it to be. One doesn’t need to spell it out with a BMW next to a horse ridden by a badly photoshopped “jockey “.

In his latest outing, there’s Tom, still in his baby blue suit replete with what looks like Krystal Carrington type shoulder pads, threatening to drop his first music video today.


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