A rather chilling yet also weird look by Madame Clare Voyant at what might be in store for the racing whirl in 2021…


Tom Waterhouse finally announces that those random TikTok type Christmas greetings from his family to yours featuring goats, alpacas and other animals plus scantily dressed young ladies had nothing to do with him forming his own Animal Farm-type Orwellian cult. Nor had it to do with sacrificial lambs, “Eyes Wide Shut” fantasies, secret messages to Hoda and Tom, Rhoda and William, Jiha and Hussan etc or a paean to the Prince Of Darkness.

The self promotional campaign is simply exactly what it is- a clean cut and extremely rich 38 year old yuppie taking the pee pee out of everyone including himself and very probably playing out the last gasps of a non-compete clause and moving away from the city to enjoy the country life, make a few more dollars milking some cows and building and selling a new field of racing dreams app that’s leading to somewhere no one knows as yet because no one knows anything for sure right here in the new abnormal.

Simple really. But also baffling in a Their Satanic Majesties Request kinda way to those who don’t understand the first rule of marketing: Get noticed. Even in Macau. Even in its TikTok randomness and much ado about nothing that might turn out to be something. And have a laugh in 2020.



It had to happen. What’s amazing is that it’s taken so long…After years of discussion, production hiccups, rewrites and the finer points of casting fine-tuning, Nouveau Riche Productions presents “The Real Housewives Of Shatin Gardens”.

Yassir, it’s all here- and more! Those who have seen a soupçon of what to expect believe that here is something to rival “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and something to fast track the rather one dimensional world of horse racing hurtling into 2021.

It’s all fly on the wall stuff. There will be cat fights to rival those between Alexis and Krystal Carrington. There will backbiting, tears, screaming by everyone within earshot, prison breaks, jailhouse rocks, who’s in, who’s out, who’s on first, what’s on second and how much is that poodle in the window.

Guests lined up are said to include Cardie B, Kanye, Snoop Dogg, Deane Lester, the Spice Girls, Harry Styles, Kendall and extremely expensive Hermes handbags.


In a move that surprises many, Trainer Douglas Whyte finally offers Jockey Neil Callan a ride.

Having used every senior rider plying their trade in Hong Kong except for the veteran Irish rider dubbed by some in the racing media as “Iron Man”, Whyte decides to start the new year off by offering a small olive branch to mend the frosty relationship between Trainer and Jockey that’s existed for close to a decade.

Comments Whyte, “He’s been working well in the mornings, a recent trial was good and the addition of a tongue tie should show improvement”.


We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it; especially during these lockdown and/or restricted days of enjoying the world around us, it’s about making the most of what we have.

When it comes to horse racing, the pastime today is largely a Made For Television product with, depending on where one lives, revealing very different viewing habits.

Sure, for purists, nothing will nor should change- but there’s a huge opportunity out there for racing clubs to broaden its customer base by creating new content.

Enter in Hong Kong, the online world of the Galloping Foodies from the same team behind the successful Happy Wednesday brand.

Watch out for racing themed dishes named Quinella, Quaddie, Dettori, Moreira etc, all created by the Uber generation of Instagram Foodies.

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