Olga and Helga have been very shhhhh shhhhh and with no drinking bubbles for over two weeks because we have been in quarantine in Singapore! No funski at Brix and meeting our very very reeech friends who always stay next door at the Hyatt. Friends say, very very reeech friends no longer like before! No more Beluga caviar and Dom Perignome. Today, maybe tacos and Chianti. Makes Olga and Helga cry like broken tap.

Hong Kong? So boringski! 6pm everything close. Everyone in dumpski. Also, very very reeech friends not in mood to have funski. No money, no bees. Hahahaha! Just wanna wear masks and wash hands and dance social distancing cha cha cha. Like very weird Tarantino movie.

Horse racing? Same everywhere. Same stories, same people, everything same same. Classique Legend. Bye bye Beauty Generation.

Whips. No whips. Soon, no nothing.

Tomorrow they race at Shatin. Excited? Like Flemington, Randwick, Doomben and races in Perth yesterday.

Olga and Helga hear from friends everything go very poopsie. Pike? He fish? Some say he wizard of Perth racing. Okie dorky. No matter. Wizard William Pike sponsor own race to say BEEEEG Thank You to fans. Very very nice man. And he WEEEEN his OWN RACE at almost 9-1! Hahahaha!!!

We also hear from Perth that teeepster there trying VERY VERY hard to be Twitter famous!!! Hahahaha! He Zac Attack fan boy. Forget his teeeeps. Just look at what Zac Purton riding.

Any poopsie can do this and win because magic man riding like soft enchilada. Hahahaha! Maybe very different tomorrow!

Also our VERY VERY GOOD FRIEND Christophe Soumillon riding in Hong Kong tomorrow after quarantine problems. Handsome man! Bella Baby! Ballistic King!

We remember Christophe give Georgie boy big biff to stomach many years ago. Hahahaha! Those were funski days.

Olga and Helga not have BEEEG tips for Shatin today, but we just share the inside information only for VALUE. Why copy favourite numbers from everyone else? Stoopid.

Bella Baby (5)
Super Kin (3)

Race 4
Outsider: Super Ten (11)

Race 6
Outsider: Copartner Era (14)

Race 10
Outsider: Thinkin’ Big (13)

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