By Hans Ebert

What’s most refreshing to see is that they keep things in check. The wins are celebrated and might be all over social media, but they somehow seem to travel under the radar. It’s very much silent running…

“They” is the very tight team around champion Hong Kong galloper Golden Sixty- Jockey Vincent Ho, Trainer Francis Lui and Owner Stanley Chan.

There’s no grandstanding and showboating from them. No one likes a show off and no one likes those who flaunt their wealth. There’s something tacky and nouveau riche about this.

Especially in these dark and questioning days when all the money in the world cannot buy many that one very important thing called happiness, who gives a damn about what someone is worth or has more money?

Surely, self worth is what really matters?

Meanwhile, and thankfully, the continuing success of Golden Sixty has managed to sidestep the circus of hype that still follows Pakistan Star, the reluctant hero who, these days, instead of enjoying a well-deserved retirement, is being forced by his owner to make another comeback…in Dubai.

Pakistan Star did try this new comeback around two weeks ago. Despite all the Twitter space given to his track work, how he had taken to the dirt track, and all the excitement and optimism of his current trainer, Pakistan Star did what he always does- did his own thing. He ran a “disappointing” fourth.

As for Golden Sixty and the serial racing fan boys with ideas of their own about his next career moves, well, as they say, “Give it a spell”. Your slips are showing. Again.

Francis Lui and his team know exactly what they’re doing. Everything they have achieved to date speaks for itself. There’s been no “third party interference”. We saw what this did to Pakistan Star: Too many cooks who converged from everywhere blew up the entire kitchen, toilet and samosa palace.

To those who might mean well and can’t contain their excitement to somehow be part of this “golden” story, surely- and let’s not forget dear old Shirley- time would be far better spent looking at what more might be able to be brought to the table of horse racing when it to tangibles.

Hmmmm, boys and girls?

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