Olga and Helga so very very sorry for being so quiet in last few weeks but we’re not feeling so funski. Feeling more yuckski. Everywhere so much bummering news!!!

Everything so fugging boring!!! Even Donaldski not dancing anymore and his very old biddy enemy man doesn’t seem like PARTY PARTY PARTY person. Very very boring.

We just stay in VERY beeeeg apartment and maybe sometime dance cha cha with old friend Edmond but he must ALWAYS wear mask and cha cha at least six feet away from Olga and Helga.

Other time maybe w watch racing on television and always VERY VERY HAPPY to see Bro Joao the Magic Man winning so many races and also good friend Alexis Badel. Mrs Badel VERY VERY Hermes happy!!!! Lucky Mrs Badel, our longtime friend from motherland.

Also HAPPY HAPPY is Irish man Emoji Callan. Funny man!!! Always talking on Instagram with emojis!!! Hahahaha! Emoji Callan now riding for Hong Kong in International Jockeys Championship next month. Handsome Irish man, no? Sooooo STRONG!!! Grrrrrrr!

(Photo: Wallace Wan)

Olga and Helga promise to send Emoji Callan new shirts with long sleeves. Not fashionable to see Emoji riding with Honey, I shrunken the shirt sleeves. Makes Olga and Helga feel sorry for Emoji Callan. Boo hoo.

All the many fans of Olga and Helga from land of Oz sending SOOOOO many messages and SCREAMING in very high voices about new horse running in last race today and trained by darling sweet man and very very good friend of Olga and Helga- Haysey. But Donaldski say, Wait. Not so fast.

Everyone saying horse CANNOT lose, but Olga and Helga just listen to Donaldski and go, Hmmmm. Even though darling boy and very very good friend of Olga and Helga Zachary riding horse, we still not sure.

(Photo: Wallace Wan)

We hear same screaming about horse with name Brazen Boy. Horse run yesterday at place called Moon Valley and have no gaski at end. Good gambling friend Albert called horse cat. Olga and Helga say, No, no. Brazen Boy is not CAT. Brazen Boy is HORSE!!!

Maybe Albert not in good moodski? Yesterday, he bet bet bet everywhere in Australia and lose lose lose!!! Act like CRAZY mankini!!!

He tell Olga and Helga about winter bottom. We don’t understand but never mind. Sometimes Albert likes bottom spanked.

Yesterday he keep talking about winter bottom and going trekking. Olga and Helga realise very good friend Albert is talking about horse race somewhere in Australia and horse called Trekking. So much dumbski laughing!!!

Albert show Olga and Helga name of horses in race and ask us to pick favourite name. We pick Elite Street. Sounds VERY VERY rich!!! We LOVE RIIIIICH!!!

Guess what? Elite Street WEEEEEN!!! Hahahaha!!! Very good friend Albert ask Olga and Helga to spank him!!!!! Hahahaha!!! No problem! We spank! Spank! Spank! So much happy funski!!!

Today, Olga and Helga like very much these horses racing at Shatin. We think teepsters and experts are crapski. Yesterday, man named Matt on radio in Australia talk so much about horse called Danon Roman. Horse came LAST. Matt is big LOSER. Talking rubbish.

Same thing about everyone teeping $1.70 Trekking. Horse not even come third. Hahahaha!!!

Olga and Helga think very sweet boy Chad might have very good day this afternoon. Always so serious looking. But nice boy.

Super Axiom (9)
Amazing Rocky (2)
Goko (10)
Precious Sweetie (12)

Red Brick Fighter (4)

Resolute (6)
Two Jade horses- 4 and 10.
Very silly horse race. Hahahaha.

Czarson (2)

Master Hero (10)

Wowie! Mission Impossible race!!! Even difficult mission for very very good Hollywood Scientology friend Tom Cruise. Nice man. Likes to run. ALWAYS running!!!

Winning Steed (10)
Kasi Farasi (2)
Mercurial (7)
Judy’s Star (4)
Courageous Dragon (14)

Sky Darci (11)
Lucky Express (12)
Buddies (1)

Olga and Helga very much love RICH horse names!!!

Beluga (11)
Big Fortune (4)

Today race meeting called Chevalier Day so…
Chevalier Prince (14)

Maybe good race only to watch. Very very good friends all make bets for Olga and Helga. Hahahaha!!! They like these…
Enrich Delight (9)
Healthy Happy (6)
Shadow Hero (3)
Super Star (9)

May all your horses come true!!! VERY BEEEG BEEEEG kisses and lots of cha cha cha!!! XXX

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