Aiiiiyaai yaaaa, Olga and Helga’s very very reeeech friends in Hong Kong who always play with the horse racing had rocky horror show on Saturday!!! Nothing they bet weeen- Lucky Express, Cheerful Days, and very BEEEEG poopsie Joyful Fortune. They more sad than Donaldski.

Why they not play the horses with names like Olga and Helga- Beauty Rush and Beauty Angel? So, no funski and champagne and Hermes handbags for Olga and Helga, but we VERY happy to see favourite jockeys Alexis Badel and Joao Moreira have many winners!!! Winderful!!! Wonderful!!! Hahahaha!!!

Also beeeeg winner for Alessandro, owner of VERY VERY expensive Italian restaurant in Causeway Bay called Da Domenico. Very REEEECH horse racing friends take Olga and Helga there many many times. They use Olga and Helga like designer handbags. They show us off to very old poopsie business friends. Hahahaha! We LOVE the Italian sausage at Da Domenico. Who doesn’t like Italian sausage? Hahahaha!!!

Also, Adamanski write on Facebook that he get first winner as VERY BEEEEG horse owner somewhere in Australia. Dungo? Tubbo? Dubbo? Never the mind. Olga and Helga very very happy for nice boy Adamanski.

Tonight our friends like Ka Fortune (2) who is in Race 3 and want Magic Man Moreira to win races 4,5,7,9!!! We not sure, but sure thing if they win, Olga and Helga ween!!! Hahahaha! Sure ween!!! Mwah mwah mwah!!! Italian sausage!!! Yummy!!!!

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