Larry, Moe and Curly Joe were deep in discussion the other day on the dead people’s racing and sports radio station. They were tripping over each other and giddy with excitement about the marketing potential of jockey Jamie Kah.

Jamie Kah is the hottest racing property right now in Australia after her mega success during the Melbourne Spring Carnival. The ideas were bouncing off walls like Ace Ventura on crack until arriving at that old chestnut about how there’s now someone for little girls to look up to and- here we go again- who could attract those “younger people” to the races.

Right now, for all the talk about “resilience” and how great it is that racing is going on, playing to empty houses is wearing very very thin. Unless the most hard boiled punter- the race goer is an endangered species- who really cares? Those “younger people”?

That was just another hook for our mate Pete to throw out there along with the kitchen sink until The Everest became what it is today- The World’s Richest Race On Turf.

Think Pete gives a toss about those “younger people”? He’s moved on. With the help of his posse of enablers, he’s busy having fun lobbying new grenades in the direction of the geniuses at Racing Victoria who are seemingly only too happy to play catch.

As for the marketing of Jamie Kah, what we heard from Larry etc was everything heard after Michelle Payne won the Melbourne Cup. Nothing new. Nothing relevant. Apart from a gawdawful movie about Ms Payne’s historic win, it’s been fizzle with no sizzle.

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