Olga and Helga get SOOOOO much information on horse racing from SOOOO many from everywhere, but most are beeeg poopsie. Like Loveplanet. This one race at place somewhere called Pakenhamski. Everyone tell Olga and Helga, horse can’t lose, horse can’t lose. We don’t listen and horse ran like BEEEEG poopsie! Hahahaha! IF have REALLY good beeeeg tip, why you share with everybody??? Stupid, nyet?

This why Olga and Helga only say at Happy Valley on Wednesday, DO NOT bet on favourite EVER in first leg of 6up. Maybe, bad shui, but favourite almost NEVER win! Why?On Wednesday, favourite in race- Here Comes Ted- only come third. Ted run like Edward. Hahahaha! Champagne! Let’s get funski like when Olga and Helga party like 1999 with very very good friend Donaldski.

So sorry to see Donaldski looking sad and orange and no funski. Maybe we call Melania and ask, hey, girlfriend, what’s going on? No more squeezy TikTok time? No more Russian Sandwich???

What we like at Shatin today? We only hear good friends talk with friends about different horses and Olga and Helga just be nice girls and listen because good friends play for us with their money!!!

If they win, we go out and dance and drink champagne and get shopping money for Hermes handbags. Olga and Helga, can’t lose! Hahahaha! It’s like being in favourite movie “Sex And The City”!!!

Today, our very very REEEECH Hong Kong racing friends like these:

Race 5: Cheerful Days (9)

Race 7: Lucky Express (7)

Race 8: Joyful Fortune (12) Sparkling Knight (14)

Race 10: Beauty Angel (12)

First friends say this will weeen because horse reminds them of Olga and Helga!!! Very exciting!!! FREE kisses! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Then they say they worry about Vincy (5) and Tempest Express (6). But why worry? Everyone should always have funski and dance like James Brown Sex Machine!!!

We want to dance with interesting looking masked sexy boy Adamanski. What Adamanski doing here???

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