Last Sunday, Olga and Helga, we stop betting after race 4. We win race 1 and 2, race 3, favourite horse go poop, but race 4, our outsider Viva Chef win at 17 to 1!!! Also we said to follow Alexis Badel and we win MORE because he win Jockey Challenge!!! Big funski after small poopski in race 3! Party time!!!

Olga and Helga so happy after this, we do Chicken Dance- naked. Chicken Dance, he run like sweaty turkey. Maybe Chicken crossed the road to Happy Valley but like Shatin more. Maybe. Back to today…

We’re SOOOOO happy that Magic Man Joao Joao is back riding tonight. For two race days he had something wrong with his suspenders, or something like that.

We LOVE very much when Joao Joao is interviewed and asked by man with microphone if his horses can win and Magic Man says, Why not? Hahahaha! OF COURSE, why not? He rides to lose??? Hahahaha! Some jockeys maybe, but not Magic Man with nice Brazilian haircut. Olga and Helga also have nice Brazilian.

Tonight, we like his rides in race 2,4,5,7,8. Maybe he win EVERY race!!! Hahahaha!!! But Magic Man always do very good riding for our good friend and lovely dancing machine Casibah. Casibah is Sultana of Swing at Happy Valley.

We also like this handsome guy. Who he? Maybe he like Olga and Helga?

Race 1
(Olga and Helga only watch race)
Speedy Optimist (3)
Chunghua Jingshen (11)
The Abraxas (4)
Wonderful Times (5)

Race 2
(Maybe tricky dicky stayers race. Olga and Helga stay out)
Sky Gem (3)
Hay Run (4)

Race 3
For Olga and Helga, first leg of the 6up at Happy Valley always kaboom race for favourite.

Race 4
Maldives (5) ridden by Mr Iron. Why Mr Douglas not give Mr Iron any ride? Something wrongski?

Lady First (9)
Royal Racer (8)
Happy Ichiban (10)

Race 5
Hin Yuen Bis (8)
Race 6
Leap Of Faith (10)
Smiling City (11)

Race 7
Super Dobbin (2)
Magic Legend (3)
High Rise Soldier (7)
Green Reign (6)

Race 8
Sky Darci (BEEEEG win)

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