Aiiiiiiya yah, Olga and Helga are so having the headaches listening to so much talk talk about red steaks and blue steaks and our old friend Donaldski looking so bigly tired and fat. Poor baby. Last week he so happy and dancing. This week? Not so happy. Very sad.

Vas is going on here? Where’s the champagne? Noooo caviar? But, vy? Vy not everyone have very beeeeg party? Maybe after horse racing in Hong Kong today?

Olga and Helga LOVE LOVE Hong Kong! We haff been there many many times and haff many many very very reeech old guy friends in the horse racing. They always take us to deeeesco and dance funny dance. No matter. They give us very BEEEEEG tips when they weeeen! And then we drink Crystal Champagne and Beluga caviar! So much FUNSKI! Everybody do funny dance. Like PP Donaldski.

Today, let’s have Happy Happy Sunday and weeeeen BEEEEEEG! Hahahaha! Soooooo many BEEEEEEEG JACKPOTS!!!

Handsome boy Zac, he ride gooood! So much power! Wow! Like Russian machine after vodka shots! Everybody wants to talk to Zac. See?

Olga and Helga like heem riding in the race 3,5,8 and 9. 10, but not so much.

Magic Joe, he very very HOT Brazilian tamale! But Joe not riding today. Make Olga and Helga sad. But there is cute Karis. BEEEEG KISSES to him! Party everyday, Babycakes!

Everyone telling Olga and Helga about Gary. Maybe name is Jerry? He’s now hot new rider in Hong Kong. Always ween ween ween! Maybe he ween ween ween today? Wait. He not riding today. Friend says he has trouble with suspenders. Maybe too tight for him?

Who we like? We like sexy Alexi. Alexis Badel. Very charming French jockey and we meet him and very beautiful Eastern European wife last year at Dragon-i club in Hong Kong. We follow him a lot today.

Race 1
(No like this race. Too poor. Only play for funski)
Virtus Star (10)
Treasure Chest (9)
Keep Winning (12)
Winners Brother (11)

Race 2
Exaltation (9)

Race 3
My Ecstatic (6)

Race 4
(Hardski to give beeeeg teeeps! Only try)
Travel Datuk (10)
Outsider: Viva Chef (9)
Wild West Wing (4)
Harmony N Blessed (5)

Race 5
Incanto Prepared (5)
All You Know (3)
King Dragon (7)

Race 6
Wins All (8)

Race 7
Sacred Ibis (4)
Win Win (7)
Flying Quest (1)
Prince Of Frog (8)

Race 8
Heart Conquered (8)

Race 9
Chicken Dance (4)
Ares (8)
Californiadeepshot (1)
Happy Good Guys (12)

Race 10
(We like very much)
Good Luck Friend (4)