By Hans Ebert

This has been a very personal project. Whether still working with an ad agency, music company or somewhere else, it would have always happened. But to make this happen for a racing club- but which is much more than a racing club- well, this means something special to me.

In a world working to heal itself by bringing more and more positivity into lives, keeping things positive matter more than ever before. Easier said than done, but we must do the best we can.

The Happy Wednesday brand of the Hong Kong Jockey Club is committed to making this happen with an ongoing campaign to stay positive.

Joining it spread this message is one of Hong Kong’s most popular personalities- actor Aaron Kwok.

Aaron is receiving widespread praise for his role in the Cantonese film, “I’m Living It”.

Directed by Hing Fan Wong, it tells the story of Bowen, a once high flying financier who has fallen on hard times.

Ashamed to tell his family and friends about what’s happened to his career, he’s forced to find shelter at various McDonald’s outlets with new “roommates” from the city’s homeless community.

With the popular Happy Wednesday nights at the iconic Happy Valley Racecourse on an enforced sabbatical because of the various restrictions in place to help contain the coronavirus, the brand is now online.

Here, it’s a meeting place for music, interviews with people making a difference in various fields and sharing as much positivity as possible through content produced to create something of an online oasis of happiness. Sorry for sounding like a Maria Muldaur song.

What we’re trying to create is a stress buster. It’s a continuation of when brought in almost a decade ago to turn a beer garden into the Happy Wednesday brand.

This online version of Happy Wednesday is a work in progress and constantly evolving in what is referred to as ‘the new normal’.

The idea for this Positivity project started out as a poem written about a month ago and then put to music with three different accompanying videos.

Having seen “I’m Living It” and knowing something about the homeless in Hong Kong and those who give up their time to help as volunteers, we reached out to Aaron’s team to help create more awareness of this problem and also the need to simply care about each other in whatever ways we can. They were more than happy to help.

Another key person who, like Aaron Kwok, has thrown his support behind this campaign is the CEO of the HKJC- Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges.

The bottom line is that by working together, we can make a difference- a positive difference in Hong Kong and, hopefully, the world around us.

Positivity of course means different things to different people- mainly caring and sharing.

For the Happy Wednesday brand, it’s about throwing a pebble into the water and seeing how far the ripples go…and building a community. A community where everyone does their part to create a chain reaction of positivity in Hong Kong- and abroad.

Hope to have you onboard.

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