Last night, the weather gods decided to be Party On Dudes and welcome in China’s National Day with huge claps of thunder and heavy rain- extremely heavy rain.

Of course, they might have also been laughing at that bizarre shouting match between Donny and Joe with Chris looking dazed and confused as America watched in shock and awe at two grumpy very old guys trying to convince viewers and voters why one of them should be the next President of what used to be les gendarmes of the world.

Today, America is trying to fight off a different kinda pandemic: bullying, lying, cheating and senility. Who’ll win? We know who will be the losers and suckers.

Who’ll win at Shatin this afternoon? Sky Field (1) in the fifth race- the first leg of the 6up. After the Caspar Fownes trained galloper’s facile last start win, there’s no reason to think why he won’t go on with his winning ways with the Magic Man aboard.

As for the Magic Man, it’s become very difficult to follow him. One day, he’s all about pulling out six enchiladas out of his sombrero and dazzling racing fans, and the next day becoming something of a scared turtle- proof that even a Magic Man can suddenly go Poof and lose his mojo.

Then again, some of his rides have been way under the odds just as some will be this afternoon.

When it comes to sheer consistency, there’s no getting away from the Mauritian Magician. On Sunday, Karis Teetan rode yet another treble. In every race where he has a ride, there’s always the chance that he will crash the big party and race away with whatever is being served.

He might not be the prettiest rider in the world, but when it comes to backing a winner, it’s all about substance and not superficiality. Like the postman, Karis somehow delivers. He’s the postman who doesn’t have to ring twice.

What about the Zac Attack? He can never be ignored. He’s chilling and always lethal when on rides with winning chances. There’s nothing like stating the obvious.

Even if going through something of a Deep Freeze with some stables, he has plenty of time to let things thaw. There’s also every chance of him having a winning day today.

Looking at the card, apart from Sky Field, there are some very open looking races that scream out “VALUE” like banshees in heat.

Look, we might not be Deane Lester or even Dean Martini, but why waste time talking about what everyone else is talking about as potential winners?

We’ll just offer you our views on where there might be value- but without the screaming.

The last race is the most interesting. Mighty Giant (8) will start favourite and can win without surprising, but, again, for value and much to do with weights and measures, we won’t be leaving out Star Performance (14), Star Shine (5), Ballistic King (7) and, as usual, the Mauritian Magician’s ride and last start winner Mongolian King (2), but this time only on a place line.

Elsewhere, we’re more than willing to leave out Heza Beauty (11), the overnight favourite in the ninth race. He’s got just too many problems and is a serial money muncher.

The Douglas Whyte trained Uncle Steve (2) appeals, but it’s a race where there’s a chance of an upset. Cases can be made for Marvel Dragon (4), Flying Victory (5), and the very interesting Trust Me (9) that has had a number of gear changes.

Race six has an open look about it so tread warily. There could be booby traps laid all over the place.

The rest of the races should go according to script and the odds with the Zac Attack probably taking out the Jockey Challenge.

Frankly, we’d rather be stuffing our faces with moon cakes for the next few days and waiting to see the card on Sunday.

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