The gates crash back and it all starts again
Another Hong Kong racing season is here
Thundering hooves to bring the city alive
After over two months that seem like a year

Lockdown and shutdowns have taken its toll
There’s been a real lack of inspiration
But racing always shakes off the blues
It somehow brings back motivation

It’s the excitement of backing a winner
It’s cheering on for the best
It’s seeing everyone giving their all
Never stopping to take a rest

Their competition is contagious
It makes us challenge ourselves
It makes us reach for the impossible
That’s been collecting dust on the shelf

It’s about magic men and Zac attacks
It’s about always giving your best
It’s about looking ahead and taking chances
Giving all the negativity a bloody rest

There’s much that can be learned from racing
Like going where you’ve never gone before
About riding boldly into the future
And crashing open every new door

There’s suddenly a new found confidence
It’s getting off the merry go round
It’s about looking after number one
And doing this without making a sound

So roll on Sunday September 6
Time to lose myself for a while
Win or lose I’ll be out in front
Couldn’t care less about the punt
Only care about living life
Looking up to see your sweet smile
That’s the real thrill of winning

(Copyright Controlled: Hans Ebert. August 2020)

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