There’s been Fred Astaire. Gene Kelly. Travolta. Brother James. The Gloved One. And lest one forgets, the fiery moves of Hong Kong based horse trainer Caspar Fownes when he kinda self-combusts into his well-known victory dance. As Brother James would yelp, Git On Up!

Well, after a recent competition on Open Space to give these unique moves a name, there’s a winner: Moves Like Aaron. Makes sense.

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After all, Cas trains gallopers for Canto Pop superstar and bon ami and huggy bear Aaron Kwok. We know: To those outside of Hong Kong, whooooo?

Before reaching superstardom and the lofty heights of being one of Canto Pop’s four “Heavenly Kings”, the always fashionable Aaron Kwok started out as a backup dancer for the late Chinese diva Anita Mui.

Though nowadays being a movie star and one of the most popular Chinese entertainers in the world and a very popular horse owner, he has been known to still busta move when hitting the dance floor.

Same goes for Caspar. But he doesn’t need a dance floor to show off his moves. Training a winner at Happy Valley or Shatin is enough to get him whooping it up and…trying to git it up and…trying to busta Move Like Aaron.