Who’s the tipster in a certain state in Australia still offering Quaddie tips every Saturday that almost ALWAYS includes seven runners in the first leg, five in the second, “going skinny” in leg three and “coming home” with four runners in the last leg? Do the math. Then ask how much you MIGHT win if taking a “flexi”. Very seldom does anyone win nutting.

At least good old Sky Racing’s Gary Harley turns his tips for wherever in Sydney into some long drawn out homespun hokum. Sometimes, as when last week at Scone, he boldly proclaimed that he would walk home if $1.20 favourite Virtuous Star lost- it was beaten by 34 to 1 pop Rockness Angel- things go awry. Still, that’s a different type of entertainment. It’s surreally wacky.

Footnote: After “Big Gaz” finally finished his “virtuous” recent radio opus, we swear that when crossing over to the continuity person at one particular radio channel, he was heard to mumble under his breath, “Jeez, that should give all of us some hope”.

Still, “Big Gaz” is easier to take than the long and winding road taken by Mr Red Belly to get to the point- by which time we have mercifully switched off…and saved on the grief of losing.