It’s more John “Saturday Night Fever” Travolta than crotch grabbing Michael Jackson, but it really begs for a name.

Yes, that unique victory lap (?) dance trainer Caspar Fownes does replete with fist pumping whooping it up brings a certain joie de vivre even to the bare bones of “crowds” allowed to attend a race meeting in these days of masks, social distancing and ensuring that Mr Coronavirus doesn’t come knocking.

The question is, What could be a good name for this dance? The Watusi has been taken. The Twist needs a different twist. And The Casibah has been used.

Our friends at the recently launched Open Space- @open_space_hk- YouTube channel are offering the prize of a HK$2000 gift voucher from Lane Crawford for whoever comes up with the most creative name.

Entries should be sent to

Deadline is July 21, 2020.

One understands that Casibah himself will decide on the most creative name.

We also hear that popular choreographer Lemon Ting, below- yes, Lemon Ting- might be asked to make a song and dance about whatever these moves will be called. Creating a dance like this is his Ting. It’s thirsty work.

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