For Immediate Release

8 July 2020

It’s an online journey with various stops along the way and with its home being on YouTube.

Interactive and with the objective of building up an online creative community, included is horse racing- but showing a more consumer friendly side to the sport to attract a younger customer base who wouldn’t know a quinella from a quesadilla. And don’t care to.

For possibly the first time, the sport is presented in a very different and more infotainment way to appeal to this new group of consumers and positioned as part of the bigger world of entertainment.

Of course, for the hard-bitten racing fan used to what has always been served to make their decisions, they know where to go for all this information.

For all those hundreds of thousands who like to dip in and out of the open spaces of the online world and see themselves as global citizens, especially in these times of radical lockdown changes and a marked move towards the online world and creating “the new normal”, there’s now Open Space.

As the name suggests, Open Space is a non-stop journey through the worlds of music and lifestyle and art, humour and film, regular (and zany) competitions with plenty of great prizes along with the more entertainment packed world of horse racing associated with the brand known as Happy Wednesday.

In many ways, Open Space takes what was the on course experience of a Happy Wednesday into the online world.

Created for a younger and also more adventurous and inquisitive minded group of consumers spoiled for choice, Open Space becomes a new online destination for them.

Open Space is an interactive world co-hosted by Dominic Lau and Hannah Schofield, wife of jockey Chad Schofield, and popular host of the Happy Wednesday Fashionistas series.

Racing personalities featured over the next few weeks include the biggest names in Hong Kong racing Zac, Joao, Karis, Chad and Vincent along with “idol” jockeys Mickaelle Michel and Lyle Hewitson plus Western Australia racing celebrity Brittany Taylor.

Along with this international racing fraternity will be choreographer Lemon Ting, record producer Terence Leong and the man behind the success of singer Julia Wu from Taiwan, Australian comedy writer and entrepreneur Max Price and America-based female Japanese bassist Shizuka.

“Open Space is about keeping an open mind about everything and being an online platform for the creative community to share ideas”, says Hans Ebert, the former advertising and music executive, and creative director behind the Happy Wednesday brand.

“Creativity has no boundaries and during these lockdown months, viewing habits have changed considerably. This offers us a chance to try out new things in what I call ‘the new abnormal’.

“I have always had a problem with the world of horse racing being in its own box. Knowing a number of jockeys as friends, they’re a great group of people who enjoy music, fashion, food and are extremely good and disciplined athletes who happen to ride thousand pound animals for a living.

“It’s really not that different to what Lewis Hamilton does and a different type of horsepower.

“This side of their lives is not known to many outside of the racing bubble and this is what we’ll be showing.

“Nothing is going to change overnight, so we’ll be looking at evolution rather than revolution and see where it all leads. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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