By Hans Ebert

He’s proven it here: Music has no boundaries. Just when wondering why music has to be pigeonholed and labelled instead of being given the freedom to breathe and for the song to take you where you need to go and haven’t been for way too long, Adam Lambert gives the world “On The Moon”.

I first heard the ‘live’ performance of the song where he was accompanied only by a guitarist on The Late Late Show With James Corden. I haven’t stopped watching and STUDYING everything about the song and the performance since.

Adam, through his foundation asks us to Feel Something. Here’s a musical starting point.

Unlike the way I listen to most new music today, I was drawn inside the lyrics and live in harmony with the melody and that amazing voice.

That’s about the only way I can describe it.

As for the vocals, they’re the closest to perfection I have heard in a very very long time- that faultless falsetto, that perfect pitch and the insane ability to take a gorgeous melody and travel with it further than anyone could. But then, Adam Lambert is an exceptional talent.

We heard it during those performances years ago on “American Idol”. His versions of “Ring Of Fire” and “Mad World” still live with me.

I met him briefly around eight years ago along with a few friends before his show in Hong Kong, then watched him onstage with his band and was knocked out.

This was despite being at the end of a relationship with someone I politely refer to as Misery Guts. Even her morose vibe throughout the evening couldn’t dampen my excitement for being at the show, thanks to my old friend Simon Fuller.

More recently, there was his achingly beautiful rendition of “Believe”. And now there’s this- “On The Moon”.

There’s no point trying to describe the song as it’s something not heard in a long time. Maybe never.

Here’s a song that’s part Tin Pan Alley, with R’nB mixed with Jazz phrasing, some Chet Baker and Sam Cooke, Pop sensitivities and sensibilities and where every “rule” in songwriting is broken.

Music is all the better for it. And it’s made this person Feel Something and on the road to creating the New in the new abnormal.

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