By Hans Ebert

It’s not going to work like that. It’s not going to be the doors opening wide, saying, Open Sesame, and Hong Kong simply getting back to what it was.

Does anyone even remember what Hong Kong was like before that peaceful rally supposedly against an extradition bill which led to many clamouring for the head of a befuddled Elmer Fudd type Chief Executive?

This then escalated into an often violent protest movement where the city became a battle ground between a patient police force while others in the anti-government camp sang the Star Spangled Banner, took to Twitter to plead for America and senators like the totally inept Ted Cruz to #StandwithHongkong?

Remember how then this city took a lengthy break as Hong Kong came face to face with the Wuhan coronavirus and were forced into lockdown mode?

With this week set to signal the first signs of returning to some form of transmission being resumed and a return to normalcy, the Party On Dudes atmosphere has already started in certain bars and restaurants in Hong Kong.

Next week, many, especially those who work in music for a living, are hoping to see those good times roll again. Think twice about this. Then think whether life as we knew it will ever be the same again.

How might the mood and pulse of this city changed- and along with consumer needs and demands?

During these times of rebuilding, healing and when money’s too tight to mention, how many Party On Dudes will be out there- and go out consistently, especially with tourists hardly seeing Hong Kong as having a flashing “Welcome” sign to attract them?

With little to no tourism, for how much longer will the existing customer base last before suffering from severe George Costanza type shrinkage?

Then think of the fallout following the murder by the police in Minneapolis of George Floyd. Don’t think this has had an impact on the entire world- the way the world will now press the Pause button and rethink about how to move forward?

Who’s going to lead this change along the Road To Recovery?

Where are the new thinkers? Another meme or slice of saccharine infested Hallmark greeting card type thinking on social media? And where is social media heading? Has it finally being revealed for what it is? An online platform that’s always been wobbling on shaky ground?

Don’t think consumer tastes haven’t changed- even when it comes to what ‘live’ music consumers might accept in the NEW Hong Kong?

More copycat versions of what many would have already seen being streamed ‘live’ over almost every day for three months by the world’s most famous artists?

Think there will still exists an audience for the best of Norah Jones, Eagles, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars but performed by the usual suspects?

Think every three, four and five star hotel can return to charging six star prices for the privilege of customers sitting there listening to third rate performers past their Use By date?

In EVERY industry in what is The NEW HONG KONG, it is about constantly moving the goalposts until one can touch, see and feel what will work and where and in what will be a city that’s, yes, resilient, but, somehow, has intrinsically known, how and when to come together.

This almost always happens despite what the naysayers overseas might say- naysayers now facing a present “back home” that does not augur well for their futures.

As for the dime store opportunists fortunate enough to enjoy everything Hong Kong has given them and now desperately trying to hold on, time’s up.

No one can fool all of the people all of the time. Certainly not in what is now clearly seen as the “new normal” in what is The New Hong Kong.

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