By Hans Ebert

Sometimes- make that often- we tend to take things and people for granted. We especially get used to people doing their jobs consistently well. We expect it. And this is where we need reminding- not constantly- but a nudge from time to time to make us wake up and ask some “What If” questions.

I was reminded of this in the morning when Jenny Chapman was interviewed on TabTouch radio. Those in the horse racing game, know Jenny as the much respected and very popular paddock parade expert.

Every race day, there she is walking around the paddock before every single race and taking on everything the weather gods might throw her way, taking down notes and telling audiences her observations- not tips, but those horses that have caught her attention for whatever reason.

There are many racing fans who follow “Jenny From The Paddock” as fervently as some of us once followed Jenny From The Block.

Listening to Jenny answer questions this morning which she did in her usually friendly and knowledgeable manner, it made me think how fortunate Hong Kong racing and the HKJC is to have her as part of the Trackside team- and more, especially when one thinks just how much horse racing in this city has grown and is now the world’s best racing jurisdiction. And with commingling partners from around the world now on board, the spotlight on Jenny is even brighter.

Having been in Hong Kong for so many years and her association with the great Silent Witness through her and husband David’s Price Bloodstock business, she knows the ins, outs and sideways of Hong Kong- the city, the people and what it all means to the HKJC racing product- and how important this product is to Hong Kong and what could be termed BrandHK. (Now, HERE is an idea. Hmmmm)

To get back to where I started, some of us, myself included, tend to take people for granted. Or forget just how important they are in making things happen and be what they are today.

In horse racing in the city, there’s of course, the ongoing Zac and Joao Show and the quite exceptional leadership qualities of Hong Kong Jockey Club CEO Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges.

There’s also Jenny From The Paddock getting on with what she does best without needing to scream, “LOOK AT ME”. That’s not part of her DNA. Never has been. It’s what makes us respect her.

So, in case, I haven’t said it enough, or might have never said it, Thanks, Jenny. You’re a star and very much part of the Hong Kong racing fraternity.

Thanks also to “Diggers” and Tabtouch Radio for the interview. By chatting to Jenny, it reminded us in Hong Kong why we continue to be so proud of our racing product and, as I have always said, the Hong Kong Jockey Club is much more than being a racing club.

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