By Hans Ebert

I don’t know, I say, smiling to myself, but often they remind me of Jerry and “Nooooman” from “Seinfeld”, and at other times, the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. Whatever they might be, the ongoing Zac And Joao Show gives television audiences of the latest HKJC reality series some much-needed entertainment value.

The mind boggles at the thought of there being a camera at the Stewards enquiry and protest that ensued after the running of the fifth race at Shatin on Sunday.

Starring was a stellar cast comprising- who else?- Zac and Joao and cameos by one-time besties John Size and Douglas Whyte plus a very special appearance by Chief Steward and the Longhorn Foghorn of Hong Kong racing- Kim Kelly.

The entire shebang in the Stewards Room probably sounded more squeaky than trying to keep up with the Kardashians. More importantly, how was social distancing maintained? Never mind…on with the show…

Douglas Whyte, especially, is considered something of an expert at fighting- and winning- his cases at these hearings. It’s years of experience gained during his many years as Hong Kong’s champion jockey.

Having said this, these days, he has a brilliant adversary in Joao Moreira- if and when their paths cross, and as they did on Sunday.

As mentioned to friends many times, the Magic Man turns English being his second language into a shrewd tactical and linguistic strategy and weapon of mass communications. It’s quite brilliant.

For example, as seen countless times, whereas other jockeys serve television audiences with a plate of empty waffles when interviewed about the chances of their rides, the Magic Man flashes that disarming and winning smile and asks, “Why not?” There’s a touch of Manuel and “Que? I come from Barcelona” about the repartee.

On Sunday in the Stewards Panic Room, it was Team Purton/Whyte versus Team Moreira/Size. The latter team won when the protest was, alas, dismissed. While some took to social media to describe this decision as “the worst Stewards decision” in Hong Kong racing, there was the irony of Joao Moreira and Douglas Whyte teaming up three races later to score on Enzemble.

The win, described by the now-trainer as “a peach of a ride”, brought up Joao’s 100th winner of the season and was the middle pin of a winning treble. The last leg was when, like Houdini, found a way out and win down the inside on the aptly named Fantastic Show. It truly was.

As if to rub salt in the wound, the Smiling Brazilian Assassin was quoted as saying that, no, he doesn’t keep count of numbers and that, no, he had no idea that the Zac Attack had finished second to him…in three races.
Sure, Joao, sure.

The Zac And Joao Show continues at Happy Valley this Wednesday…

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