By Hans Ebert

This was Paul shedding the pressures of being a Beatle, getting away from the lawsuits and acrimony with his former band mates and one time best friends and retiring to his farm in Scotland with wife Linda and recording on his own.

The songs were sometimes snippets and often demos which were hardly polished, but his two solo albums showed a man deeply in love and just needing the love of his life next to him along with their sheepdog Martha and their kids.

Paul was literally regrouping, auditioning musicians for what became Wings and, most importantly, happy. Personally, I think he wrote his greatest love songs for Linda- “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Every Night”, “My Love” etc. Losing the love of his life to cancer brought about another outpouring of some very “real” songs- soul music.

His marriage with Linda was an incredibly interesting period in his life, especially when juxtaposed to the more highly publicised “ballad” of John and Yoko and everything going on in their lives. Key is that both were happy and entering the next part of their journey and leaving the past behind.

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