When people serve you a plate of waffles and expect you to be a mind reader or The Riddler and try to understand what they might be trying to be saying, well, you just get on the front foot and lead through example. And which the HKJC has done by not having any owners or “groups of more than four” at the races at Shatin tomorrow.

With a dithering HK government doing the best ditherers can to contain the Covid-19 virus, a number of recent rules and regulations announced have come attached in fifty shades of grey and very difficult to understand. It’s like saying, Damned if you do and damned if you don’t and it’s up to everyone to solve the riddle because we don’t really know what we’re trying to say so PUHLEESE help us.

Remember the “suggestion” earlier this week about clubs, restaurants and whoever else not serving alcohol after 6pm?

How according to Chief Executive Carrie Lam, people tend to get more “intimate” after a few alcoholic drinks in them? Puritanical thinking or what? And then that suggestion was swept under the carpet.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has, once again, shown great leadership by, instead of second guessing anyone, making the very tough decision to continue to give many in Hong Kong their favourite pastime. This is by ensuring that at least the horse racing continues in what might not exactly be the most perfect setting and presentation.

Tough times require tough decisions which the horror show that is Carrie Lam and her cronies might think they’re doing, but aren’t really sure if these decisions are correct or clear. It’s kinda like, make what you will of what we think we are saying. And the HKJC has.

The Club has used common sense and made the best of a silly situation and, more importantly, made a decision that the government was incapable of making.

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