About a month ago, Hong Kong based marketing executive land Chairman and CEO of Fast Track HK, Hans Ebert, received the poem “I Am Odd” by Benjamin Giroux through a friend on Facebook.

Benjamin, who lives with autism, wrote the poem in 2016 as part of a homework assignment. His words resonated with Hans who made a promise to himself to put Benjamin’s words to music.

Inspiring children to be creative and free their imagination is something that’s always been very important to the former ad man and Executive Director for Universal Music and EMI Music Asia.

Benjamin’s words have made this a priority- to create an online community to inspire children to be creative in any way that moves them.

Hans and his Melbourne-based songwriting partner Trevor Carter have put Benjamin’s words to music and created a video for it.

Says Hans, “We hope others help Benjamin’s words reach a broader audience…and also help children to be inspired enough to create whatever is in their imaginations”.

If you have any ideas on how to spread this message, just let us know.

About Hans Ebert

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and emigrated to Hong Kong with his parents. Hong Kong is where he went to primary and secondary School and is the city he calls home.

As a young journalist in Hong Kong, he interviewed everyone from musical greats like Quincy Jones, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon and the Rolling Stones to many in the film world including directors Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Roman Polanski.

When writing for Billboard, the world’s leading music trade publication, he created a new term for contemporary Cantonese music: Canto Pop.

The world of advertising beckoned next, and he soon found himself working as a copywriter for ad agency DDB and the McDonald’s business.

Hans quickly moved up the corporate ladder to become Director of Creative Services and was key in launching the franchise in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

He was also involved in launching the region’s first satellite broadcaster STARTV and won a number of international awards for his Public Service Announcements for the Samaritans, the Right Of Abode campaign along with various work for the Hong Kong government.

After leaving advertising to follow his first love- music- it didn’t take him long to become Executive Director of Universal and EMI Music Asia. He has worked with artists like Norah Jones, Coldplay, Gorillaz, and projects for Yoko Ono and David Bowie.

Hans has also written number one hits for some of the leading Chinese artists in Hong Kong and is regarded as one of the most influential writers about the Asian music industry.

Today, as Adviser for the Hong Kong Jockey Club and pictured below with the organisation’s CEO Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, he has been a key driver in developing the Club’s very successful and commercial Happy Wednesday brand at Happy Valley Racecourse.

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