By Hans Ebert

There’s been plenty of “space” devoted to HKIR week in hotel lounges, bars, over lunches and dinners and in the various Racing pages- interviews galore, quotes, back stories, rumours, odds, inside information, innuendos, pontificating, chest pounding, ego turns, name droppings etc. It now comes down to how it will all come out in the wash as the show moves to Shatin and the World Turf Championships.

Of course, receiving information is something that cannot be stopped. It just comes at you, often on Overload about “mail” from all over the place. If being sent “mail” for the races at Doomben yesterday, dearie me. Even the Candy Man couldn’t deliver the chocolates. He ran into more dead ends than The Keystone Cops and obstacle courses everywhere he turned. It was terrible to watch.

Trying to win at Rosehill was more Mission: Impossible where apprentice Samantha Clenton was tipped to win a couple- but surely not on Bobby Dee which paid $31? The Rosehill quaddie: Over $23,000.

At the end of the day, it’s what you take in or throw out. Personally, these past couple of weeks, it’s been about following Kayla Crowther and Todd Pannell, both in Adelaide, and pictured below.

Todd Pannell is not exactly Frankie Dettori, but he brought home a quartet of winners for his followers yesterday, whereas someone else very much amongst the winners recently- apprentice Tom Sherry, below- rode a treble at Newcastle.

At Ascot in Western Australia, Steven and Neville Parnham combined to win the prestigious Group 1 Kingston Town Classic with Kay Cee.

Though a continuous avalanche of early money for eventually drifting favourite Tuscan Queen, owned by Bob Peters, trained by Grant and Alana Williams, and ridden by William Pike the galloper failed to run a place. Nick Quinn, the biggest fan boy of “The Wizard”?

Preferring to make one’s own choices when it comes to hopefully picking winners, so there’s no one to blame if things go South, here are some possible thought starters for Shatin. Do with them as you please. The odds of changing one’s mind, especially when seeing the big money come rolling in on certain runners, are pretty high, so who really knows?

For the time being, however, (1) More Than Lucky (4) and Playa Del Puente (5) stand out in the last race.

Race 9: Tread warily. This could go Kaboom. For the moment, the obvious choices screamed from rooftops are Fat Turtle (4) and Mr Croissant (10). But spare a thought for Mr Lumieres (11), Thanks Forever (2) and Water Diviner (6).


Race 1: 1-6-8-13 (No interest)
Race 2: 10-8-4-5 (Watching brief)
Race 3: 4-8
Race 4: 1-2-13-10
Race 5: 7-14-4-1
Race 6- 2-9-13-7
Race 7- 2-1-4-9
Race 8- 7-1
Race 9- 6-10-4-11

Race 10- 4-5-7-14

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