Really? Thinking that with Silvestre de Sousa and Alexis Badel in Hong Kong for their short winter sojourns and rides becoming a tad thin on the ground, has or is a rider here thinking he can pull off a vanishing act for around two months and then, after the Europeans come to the close of the cameos, casually return and be welcomed back by the HKJC with open arms?

Trying to get ahead in Hong Kong’s highly competitive racing environment requires adopting various strategies. Begging trainers and owners for rides has been known to work though there are rides, being taken for a ride and saddled with no-hopers.

One of the new riders to Hong Kong had a bright idea: Start up a WhatsApp group with a number of local trainers to market his availability- and for rides he believed could win.

The problem here had to do with privacy and keeping certain things strictly confidential. Needless to say this WhatsApp group never happened. But the coup de grace was when a leading rider known for The Great Windup asked this fledgling WhatsApp group whether HE could join.

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