By Hans Ebert

It was just a random thought. But as with anything random, these thoughts have a habit of turning round and taking over every waking moment. Not that this random thought had one tossing and turning, of course. The thought? What if, like those over-the-top showbiz fights in Vegas, jockeys riding in Hong Kong had their own theme songs? And what if these were played with the jockeys being individually introduced to the public and them jogging into the saddling enclosure, arms aloft and something almost gladiatorial and fabulously theatrical?

The Zac Attack wouldn’t of course jog into the “auditorium” like the rest. He would probably do the Moonwalk. Or jitterbug in. Perhaps even doing The Twist.

Aldo Domeyer, winner of the recent Jockeys Sprint, pictured below bumping and grinding like Salome and The Dance Of The Seven Veils, who was so far ahead of the chasing pack that he taunted his competition by running towards the finish line backwards- and stumbled and hit the ground in the process? Well, he would probably want to sprint around the paddock- twice- and backwards- just to psyche out the other jockeys. More fabulousness.

What, however, could be each jockey’s theme song- a songs that complements their very different personalities?

Below are what we think each jockey’s theme song should be. But we’re always open to suggestions. The more suggestive the better. How about this one for the apprentices and other young jockeys?

And this one for Matthew Poon aka The Poon Train.

Who knows, those coming up with the best song choice ideas might even win something. And might not. But before that, here are two photos of French pinup jockey Mickaelle Michel. What’s she got to do with the above? Nothing. We just can’t stop wondering when she’ll be riding in Hong Kong in the International Jockeys Competition. What a draw card that would be…

Her theme song: what else?

Zac Purton

Being the Zac Attack, and the defending champion jockey who turned on almost- almost- the type of performance that Ben Stokes did for cricket on Sunday, but on a regular High Rev Yeee Haaaa basis last season, isn’t the type of person to kick back and take it easy. Right, Zac?

With great power comes greater confidence and the Zac Attack will be guarding his turf with his trademark nonchalant confidence that no one steps on the grass. His patch of grass. And so it only stands to reason that his theme song would be this, not one, but two.


Joao Moreira

Pulling rabbits out of his sombrero didn’t happen that regularly for the Brazilian Magic Man last season. Retained as stable jockey for John Size kept him from throwing his net out wide, taking outside rides and keeping his familiar thumbs up sign in check. Not that it was a bummer of a season. Just not magical by his own lofty standards.

Though still having first call on the Size army, as a Club jockey, he returns this season as a free agent to perform acts of almost biblical proportions.

From everything we’ve heard, the Magic Man has been on the charm offensive to grab rides from all stables. The magic rides will start to flow quicker than one can say “Poof”.


Karis Teetan

The Mauritian Magician was probably the most visible rider on social during the off-season. There he was all over Instagram pictured in different exotic locations with fiancée Xaviere.

He also found time to compete for Hong Kong in the recent World All Star challenge in Sapporo. Also competing there was- you guessed it- Michel, our belle.


Vincent Ho

The winner of the Tony Cruz Award last season given to the most successful Hong Kong-born jockey, the extremely affable young rider turned the off-season into making himself known in the UK by winning races in Scotland, Ascot and Newmarket and being interviewed by the always entertaining Matt Chapman.

Described as “the quiet achiever”, Vincent will make his presence felt very loudly this season. Bet on it!


Umberto Rispoli

Now a father and with partner Kimberley, daughter of legendary French rider Gerald Mosse, by his side, the Italian rider will no doubt be going all out to steal winning breaks and make winning look like a pizza cake.


Blake Shinn

It’s been a long and winding road that’s finally brought Shinn, one of Australia’s very best jockeys, to Hong Kong. And now that he’s here, one thing’s for sure: He won’t be waiting for things to happen. Blake Shinn will MAKE things happen.


Grant van Niekerk

Don’t let the baby faced ‘looks’ fool you into thinking that here’s a laid back easy rider. Far from it.

The South African hit the ground running last season and was the find of the season.

He’s in demand, and he’s is all about producing deliverables when they matter. Owners and their trainers like that.

The new pinup boy of Hong Kong racing could well be the jockey to follow this season. He could very well be the latest in a long line of South African riders to have a long run in Hong Kong which started all those years ago with Bart Leisher.


Aldo Domeyer

A very short and unplanned stint towards the end of last season gave this South African rider enough time to get a feel for the lay of the land.

With winners for a variety of trainers including the astute Tony Cruz, Aldo Domeyer rides to win and could give the leading jockeys something to think about. They wouldn’t want to turn their backs on him. He seems determined to make his mark on Hong Kong racing. And fast.


Chad Schofield

Of course, the big news was his marriage to the very lovely Hannah Butler, host of Happy Wednesday’s Fashionistas series.

There’s now a different engagement to tackle and woo stable support.

Outwardly easy going, Chad’s no pushover. In fact when push comes to shove, he can mix it with the best of them. And if he could win over Hannah, well, this speaks volumes about his pulling power. And for being simply irresistible.


Lyle Hewitson

He’s young, gifted and South African. He’s the smokey in the field this season, and we’re willing to bet that his first winner in Hong Kong will be for another South African- Tony Millard.


Neil Callan

The “Iron Man”, who lapses into speaking Emoji from time to time, didn’t have the best of seasons last year. Now, after a chilled break in Italy and other parts of Europe, the Irishman, who refuses to back down and act like a nancy boy, will be back and hungry to flex his muscles.


Alberto Sanna

The man from Sardinia had an annus horribilis last season with a pile of now well-documented freakish injuries. But that’s all part of the past.

The Italian was one of the first jockeys back in Hong Kong to ride track work and ready himself for the new season.

Known for bringing in very very long-priced winners, often on runners given no hope, Alberto can never be left out of calculations, especially when it comes to beating the odds.

Looking like a character who’s stepped outta a Sergio Leone spaghetti Western, his theme song? This one.


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