By Hans Ebert

There’s something special about attending the last Happy Wednesday night of the Hong Kong racing season. Has been for the last few years. Guess there’s a laid back anticipation to it- anticipation knowing that you don’t quite know where you’ll end up after that last race has been run. And laid back in knowing that it really doesn’t matter.

Tonight, it’s about being there. Either at the Beer Garden or at Adrenaline. Being with friends. Making new friends. Taking in everything around you- the racing, the ‘live’ music, whatever sustenance is around- and with a Happy Wednesday in Hong Kong being one of the best stress busters.

As Cheech would have said to Chong, “Dave? Dave, is that you, man? It’s a natural high here, man”.

It’s where “winning” has so many different meanings. Sure, there’s the obvious thrill of your horse or horses winning. But then there’s the pure enjoyment watching someone like my friend Eunice who knows nothing about racing and just trying her luck for the first time using what she’s willing to lose and winning over $8000. How? Making her choices based on the Chinese names of the horses and where Fat Turtle means something totally different.

Something pretty random like this gets you thinking: Should these Chinese names be made known, especially with tourists to Hong Kong in mind?

Tonight, Eunice will be at Adrenaline and following her winning strategy. So will a number of friends.

Also, with this Happy Wednesday night having nine races and the two resident bands mixing things up by moving from the Beer Garden to Adrenaline and vice versa, the highlight, as always, will be the After Race Party.

Here, it’s about seeing friends who have given their all on the track being able to kick back and simply switch off.

There’s always something good about seeing this. It’s contagious. Fences come down. It’s just about Being and enjoying each other’s company. There’s no whiff of BS. And if there is, just move.

More importantly, in a world overrun by mindless clutter and too many “doing” and over-doing without stopping to ask, Why, that very important thing called inspiration is in short supply.

Often, it’s because inspiration exists only in the real world and in real time. It has to do with people meeting people and looking into each other’s eyes and communicating.

It’s about having a laugh together. It’s about keeping it real. Keeping it real can’t be found in a selfie stick. Not really. Nor a #hashtag

Happy Wednesday, in general, and tonight, in particular, will be about being inspired by so many things- Feel Good moments like a song, a moment in time not felt in a longtime and maybe even an answer to St Bono of the U2’s moaning that he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. And though it might be a rainy Happy Wednesday night, it could well be like this song from Katrina and the Waves.

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