By Hans Ebert

She flies under the radar. It’s how she likes it, because she really doesn’t need to prove anything. As the Paddock Parade Expert for the HKJC, Jenny Chapman simply gets on with her job. She doesn’t crave self-promotion and Selfie Stick shtick.

Jenny Chapman is confident being herself. There’s no need to reinvent herself. What for when the original model has such a loyal following? And has, had for years.

Chinese racing fans, who are not part of Hong Kong’s hoi polloi, want to know those horses that have caught her eye in the paddock. They trust her judgement and knowledge- knowledge that comes from being one of the first female riders in Victoria and being from a racing family. No, not the family of the Bay City Rollers.

It’s hard to think of the English broadcasts of horse racing in Hong Kong without Jenny. She’s probably the one constant in what has been a creaky merry-go-round comprising race callers, form analysts and various hosts.

Jenny Chapman does her own thing. And does it professionally. Always professionally from even what she chooses to wear on a race day. That mauve blouse? Perfect.

Why she doesn’t have her own racing show, especially one produced to take advantage of the growing popularity in Hong Kong of racing with females is baffling.

No, it continues to be another trio of male Lost Amigos serving up more warmed over waffles.

One can only assume that change is difficult when one gets used to having the same old same old vapid talking heads dressed by Sam The Tailor.

Why not Jenny Chapman as part of Happy Wednesday with someone like Hannah Butler and a succinct appraisal of what’s caught her eye in one of those paddock parades? Who knows?

Does anyone seriously think that those younger race goers at the Beer Garden and Adrenaline really watch or listen to what’s being broadcast? Of course not. There’s nothing for them- anywhere in the world.

What’s very much needed is something new where the hardcore racing world “speaks” to this new generation of race goers in a language they understand and find interesting. Jenny Chapman is that bridge. The bridge to something new and better.

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