By Hans Ebert


There’s nothing Hong Kong revels in more than a damn good scandal. And nothing better than a showbiz scandal where even someone who might even be on the periphery of the fame game is suddenly in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

And so it is with Andy Hui, a Canto Pop singer, once signed to Universal Music and who showed potential. Was this potential ever realised? Well, he certainly had an ardent fan in the company’s Director of Human Resources, so much so that we often wondered whether attending his concerts and having a photograph taken with the singer was a greater priority than her real job.

Leaving UMG for EMI Music and working on the concerts and promotion of international artists like Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Norah Jones etc made whatever was going on in the life of Andy Hui irrelevant.

Then came the recent Dashboard Cam Scandal. This is where his obviously drunken state with a B Grade TVB actress in the backseat of a taxi was captured on video and went viral.

The only winner here has been Apple Daily whose online subscriptions zoomed up to anywhere between 800,000 and two million in a day. It depends on who claims to know the truth. That the taxi driver who was supposedly paid somewhere between $250-$400,000 for the “content” that fell on his lap. And Apple Daily showing this video in dribs and drabs with the promise of other juicy bits to still be revealed. Smart marketing.

Andy Hui scandal: There may be ‘sequels’ to kissing video clip, which was reportedly sold for $260,000 – THE STRAITS TIMES

Andy Hui, meanwhile, and starlet and wannabe chanteuse Jacqueline Wong were having their own “lap dance”- nothing of course like what was made public when entrepreneur and showbiz personality Edison Chan was caught with his pants down with far more well known Chinese female celebrities.

Still, it was enough gossip fodder to have even foreigners in Hong Kong talking about this incident.

One can only assume that Andy Hui being married to the extremely popular singer Sammi Cheng had much to do with the moral outrage and handwringing on social media.

Miss Wong, in a relationship with a fellow TVB actor, hasn’t helped her image. As is par for the course whenever these showbiz scandals in Hong Kong blow up, Andy Hui and his management- ex colleague Paco Wong- hurriedly held a press conference.

There, he cried, refused to blow his nose despite it drooling with snot and apologised and asked for forgiveness and went through self flagellation by calling himself a moron.

Where’s this going to lead? Apparently, he’s taking a sabbatical to find himself. Whoa. In the western world, it would be called checking into rehab.

What about his marriage? Being a much bigger star, Sammi Cheng is possibly being advised by her legal team. The corporate line, however, is that the very religious star has forgiven her husband and that they’re praying together.

Sammi Cheng breaks silence as she forgives husband Andy Hui

As for Jacqueline Wong? She’s also apologising and repenting. Too late, babe. Too late after using Instagram to almost SCREAM, “Look who I bagged! ANDY PANDY HUI!”

Unlike those days when carefully leaked sex tapes made mediocre talent like Paris Hilton and, especially her one-time bestie Kim Kardashian, become famous overnight, in Hong Kong, social media is judge and jury.

There’s a strong whiff of hypocrisy about this. Nearly everyone in Hong Kong knows who’s zooming who. Discussing these indiscretions is a favourite pastime.

Many of us know those couples, who are “married” purely for Red Carpet occasions, those whose sexual preferences are an open secret and, like a certain major Hollywood actor, ten year contracts with various perks, but with binding confidentiality clauses, are bashed out by teams of lawyers before marriages are announced and there’s much jumping on Oprah’s sofa to showbiz the love that’s in the air.

As something completely out of left field, ever wonder whatever happened to actress Mimi Rogers, the first wife of actor Tom Cruise?

As for Dashboard Dan and Andy Hui etc, what’s next? Who knows? Andy Hui might find that God person and hold a series of concerts with Sammi Cheng? It will be big business. SRO. One doubts however that Sammi Cheng will bother with this. Her next career move and new “brand image” will be interesting.

Jacqueline Wong, who apparently came third in some Miss Hong Kong pageant and we all should know how these work, she’ll probably lie low- but never in a taxi- and return after a makeover with a rich new husband from a hugely wealthy family and no prenuptial.

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