By Hans Ebert

I won’t ever stop creating. Creating, especially, music, but more and more being drawn to what some might label “indie films”. These days, it seems there’s a need for everything to have labels. It seems to give something relevance. It’s like today’s mot de jour: Ping- as in, “Let me PING you something.” Ping? Really? Hipster talk? Not another plate of warmed over waffles and clichés?

It’s why today whatever one decides to do should always always always be on your terms and always always always never ever asking for favours. Always always always pay for services rendered. It gives one total control and ownership. If anything goes wrong, you go down with the ship. Hit the target and you soar with the eagles without unnecessary baggage.

Through trial and error and being taken for a ride, one gets to this point of independence. This feeling of liberation and, sure, a certain arrogance that comes with being the master of your own destiny. It’s like being Robert Downey Jr playing Iron Man with Gwyneth Paltrow in tow.

Working for fools, and knowing they’re fools, but having to tow the corporate line and be a compliant, malleable little order taker, weakens one. It robs one of motivation and inspiration. It weakens every single part of you. It’s probably how Superman feels every time he comes up against Lex Luther and kryptonite.

In the real world are those whom you know have no idea what they want or how to get there. But having the power to be Willy Wonka and Oompah Loompahs to do their bidding, they get what they think they need. Lotsa subservient Charlies.

As the Stones sang, you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. But who wants to dance with Mister Jitters? Or be someone’s Kunta Kinte, or Mandingo? Not when Django has been unchained and Dylan has sung about not going to work on Maggie’s farm no more.

More importantly, it’s about not following leaders who can’t lead and watching your parking meters. Watch your parking meters because time is running out.

The Big Hiccup is finding the right team. Is there one? Sometimes, as McCartney did, one must go it alone. Because he’s such a brilliant musician, he could do it all. And he did exactly that with wife Linda right after leaving the Beatles. Released a one-man album recorded in his farm house in Scotland.

Lennon only needed Yoko. But after proving to themselves that they could go it their own way, and on their own terms, they were in that very comfortable place to be able to pick and choose who to work with and create what they wanted with no compromises. Some worked, others didn’t. But when everything came together…Well…

We all can’t be so fortunate. This goes without saying which makes me wonder why I wrote that.

These are different times and with so many wanting to inhale the same oxygen and fighting to be heard over the rest of the Gunga din. The rest of the clutter. And even if your product might not be clutter, it comes down to doing everything possible so that it’s not ignored. Instead, making sure that it makes FANS of people because there’s an emotional connection by being real. Honest. A product that has that certain je ne sais quoi.

Remember what it was like being a FAN? Many have forgotten. Arrogant subjectivity has made those barking out orders and that has been cobbled together by their Yes People believe that this tinpot filler fodder will make FANS out of many. Think again. Then go and spank yourself. Hard.

FANS cannot be hoodwinked or bought. Fandom plays by its own rules. It cannot be “created” or concocted by committees for mass consumption.

Sure, there are all those with their online “followers” that have been bought. They believe no one can see through this scam, but these people belong in their own la la land. Ignore them. Ignore and sidestep clichés, especially listening to marketing clichés from walking clichés.

If having heard this crap over and over again and having even religiously bought into it and followed these “steps to success”, but with none of this still haven’t made a dent anywhere, surely it’s telling you something? Like having to go back to Old Kent Road and not collect $200. Or singing to yourself that if you see me getting smaller, I’m leaving. Had enough.

Even if having escaped the clutches of “working for the man”, depending on one’s experience and curriculum vitae, it’s about finding those on the same wavelength- and with the same amount of passion, creativity and commitment.

There can never be commitment when it’s very easy to see that it’s just another gig and how to keep getting paid by play acting at doing the least as possible in return for that cheque.

In a team of five, one would be lucky to have two others just as dedicated to make something special happen- not just another something, but something special. Not more Me Too thinking with more of everything seen before and approved because it’s been done before by someone else and so must be safe and okay.

This is the equivalent of being the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz when what’s really needed is to be Don Draper and not accept anyone enjoying a free ride- but still being paid for it.

When this happens- Being Don Draper- the stars have aligned and all the pieces suddenly fit. There’s no tired thinking. There’s no more of just going through the motions. There’s no need to accept and be around mediocrity and pretend that s*** doesn’t stink.

Tell it for what it is. This just might help the world not continue to drown in more dross and shallowness.

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