By Hans Ebert

He needn’t have done it. But he did. Made the time to come up to Adrenaline after the races on Wednesday night with two owner-friends to just give me a gift he had promised.

Well, it wasn’t “just” anything. It was a great gesture of friendship, thanks and said much about Douglas Whyte- to make the time and effort to personally hand me his saddle and goggles from his last day as a rider. And being Douglas, he insisted on wrapping the goggles around my eyes to create a weird Robocop vibe.

He could have left after this, but he and his friends stayed on, listened to the band, took photographs with them, with others there and listened in on a meandering tale of bollocks between myself and another good friend- the very patient and multidimensional CEO of the HKJC.

Both know me well enough to just let me carry on into the great unknown and the land of waffles until the steam engine comes to halt.

Put it all together and it was a fun night. Win, lose or draw, it didn’t matter. It was a happier Happy Wednesday.

Those who wouldn’t ordinarily have got to meet the legendary rider and now trainer, saw him in a completely different light. The man actually has blood running through his veins and a sense of humour.

It was something talked about later that night and the next day. Talk about how Douglas Whyte equals respect and friendship and professionalism and things that can’t be described.

My PA who knows nothing about horse racing, but knows the name Douglas Whyte called me “lucky” to get the autographed saddle and goggles.

Lucky to receive the present? Sure. But luckier to have known Douglas Whyte for all these years- and the years to come.

There was no need for any Thanks. When friends, it’s something understood. Words are superfluous.

It’s something many don’t understand. And never will.

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