By Hans Ebert



It’s just such a mess out there- like a combination of a traffic jam and bumper cars along with regular bouts of road rage.

Everyone seems to be trying to do everything because maybe nothing is working. And so it’s come down to tasting everything from the buffet of clutter to see what might actually work. Politics, showbiz news, music, music industry news, checking out followers on social media and having anxiety attacks if two have left for new online spaces.

What is it? No focus? Too much of everything? Technology being the latest invasion of the body snatchers? Too much of nothing which has elevated mediocrity and the unnecessary to a new level of false importance.

The solution? Delete. Cut off the fat. Just because it’s free, do we really need to subscribe to everything out there? How many of these free newsletters are deleted before being read when “STORAGE ALMOST FULL” appears on your iPhone? And why is “STORAGE ALMOST FULL”? Too much of everything like gremlins multiplying on your phone- videos, photos, memes- it’s all there. It’s time for that Cleanup Lady to do her work.

It’s quite extraordinary how anxious free one feels when ALL of this is deleted. It’s very much like getting back to one’s roots. As Henley sang, it’s getting to the heart of the matter. And once here where there once was love, remember to forget. Moving bridges stops many from moving ahead. So, again, delete it.

Delete those who don’t matter. Do you really need to read that message? Is it from someone who matters? If not, they’re time wasters. And they’re wasting your time.

It’s what meditation is all about: Emptying your head. It’s what music can do- bring you back to yourself. Help you return to forever and regular sleep patterns. And clarity.

Listen to anything by Clapton and Beck. Anything that works for you. Even Yanni. But Clapton, he’s a great healer because maybe he’s still here after everything he’s gone through. And musically, he’s surrounded himself with some, like (drummer) Steve Gadd who’s also exorcised his demons.

Always watch that video of Rob Brydon impersonating Mick Jagger impersonating Michael Caine.

Laughter is not only infectious, it cleans out the bats in the belfry. Being silly is good. It doesn’t make you any less an “adult”, whatever that is. Maybe we should never have grown up? Innocence is good. Imagination hasn’t been kidnapped. Or copied. It’s exclusive to you.

Travel. Discover. Hang out with kids. They’ve got it figured out. They’re Zen masters. Keep creating. Don’t stand still. The New is out there. New thinking. New people. New everything. Most important is the new You. Find that person again. And remember the roads travelled that’s led to this place.

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