“A quiet desperation”. That’s how I describe the mood in Hong Kong these days. Hell, it could be the entire world as the fat genie- and it’s not only Trump- is out and can’t be put back into the bottle. But it’s never ever been this bad- a combination of “The Night Of The Living Dead” and one of those mind numbing electronic tracks one listened to when well and truly stoned and stepping out with Mr Groovy.


That was a different kind of quiet desperation as we couldn’t see the tell-tale signs of what was to come- love, marriage and the whole damn thing that comes with responsibility.

Responsibility is a bitch. It was so much easier without it. But most of us threw caution to the wind and now here we are. But where exactly? And this is what brings about this quiet desperation. It’s very much like writer’s block. What next? Was Peggy Lee right when she sang, “Is that all there is?”


Yes, there’s a lot going on. But where’s any of it actually going? Onto Twitter? Networking? Networking in order to…?

What’s the plan, Stan? And better drop off the key, Lee, because there aren’t many doors opening up. If anything, they’re being closed shut. It’s called a down economy and it’s not going to get better soon. Deal with it. There’s nothing much out there, pal.

Funny: Those wanting and needing work and jobs, but only according to their schedules. It’s a fascinating concept: Take but never give. Or delusionary thinking, though being delusional has nothing to do with level headed thinking.

Maybe it’s time management. Somehow, somewhere, have many forgotten about time? How it keeps ticking, ticking, ticking into the future…

It’s now all about the present, because, just maybe, the future is hazy. Or is a blank canvas. But what’s actually happening in the here and now? Don’t know, do you?


Looking at the past, where’s anyone today with the vision of a Steve Jobs? Daniel Eck is a visionary? Mediums for the message are elevated to such a higher power of relevance that the message is forgotten.

Netflix, for example, is one the new “visionaries” many look up to, not just for entertainment, but perhaps even guidance. Move over Wikipedia wisdom and Googled knowledge. But knowledge about what? Anything of any significance? Or just being Netflixed? Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is too much of nothing.


Everything is second hand everything. Whatever happened to original thinking? And learning from what came earlier?

Funny how in any art form, especially music and movies, so many create and produce what is already out there. And has been for decades. The very origins of originality. One wonders why the world is so bereft of The New? Too much mediocrity and the rabid return of The Peter Principle in every single organization.

Now there’s that quiet desperation to just be part of the same party. What do you get from this? More and more of the same. So much clutter that nothing shines through. It’s just more and more smoke and mirrors. It’s playing into the hands of flim flam people with nothing to sell. Often one sees through it all, but still goes through the foxtrot as there’s not much else going on.


We share, but who bothers to click that link? Not many. So? Don’t bloody bother. No one wants A Joke A Day.

Emotionally, stop giving when there’s nothing else to give, but they still want more where there is no more. Move on with eyes wide shut.

Stop being seen as a bank. Close that counter forever.

Don’t be awestruck by the famous. Fame is a game. As as Andy Warhol said, Everybody has their fifteen minutes of fame. Or something like that. So you know someone remotely close to being famous. And?

image2 (2)

Don’t follow leaders and watch your parking, said Dylan while Lennon reminded us that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. And some of the business plans one hears these days. Oy vey.


Don’t let flesh and blood play with your head. When you’re gone, play with theirs- from wherever you are.

Beware the Flim Flam Man (and woman). They’re the new medicine men peddling false promises.


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