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We were somewhat surprised/confused/bemused, bewitched, be bothered and bewildered to hear that a former Hong Kong based Aussie horse racing reporter has been shopping around a racing programme idea of his- in Mainland China.

One of his port of calls as a media partner? A U.S. based music trade publication that has expanded its different business streams. Er, but not to horse racing. But with money being too tight to mention these days, said entrepreneurial horse racing man was apparently told that if he found sponsors for his show, there was a small possibility of reality bytes.

We’re betting that this will never happen though intrigued at what the content might be? Another talking heads show? With one head?

As the rumour swirls faster than Tony Montana’s brain on coke about the impending arrival of Chris Waller to Hong Kong- impending as in less than two years- a new name is being mentioned as taking over the trainer’s spot vacated by Michael Freedman: Michael Hawkes.

What’s going on these days with Fredo, anyway? After his very quiet departure from Hong Kong, it’s all been a bit like The Man Who Never Existed.

Still being discussed: The quite extraordinary betting move on Action in the Perth Cup where the galloper, ridden by The Wizard- William Pike- started at a little over 3s.

In some ways it reminded a few of the legendary betting coup on Vintage Crop in the Melbourne Cup- 88s to 65s to 40s to 28s and going off at 17s. The one difference is that the Dermot Weld trained and Michael Kinane ridden Vintage Crop actually won the Melbourne Cup.

The Perth Cup was won by Star Exhibit at 36 to 1 and superbly ridden by Peter Hall, 51, the third time that he’s won this Cup race.

Needless to say, the horse is owned by the understated and unassuming owner-breeder Bob Peters, who had five runners in the race including Action, and is the man who owns WA racing.

If only Uncle Bob could breathe some life into WA or only Perth racing on a regular basis and give it some much needed regular dose of pizazz. This would be nice.

Apparently there were over 10,000 people on course with everyone having a jolly good time without anyone having to go over the top and fall apart as the day progressed. It DOES happen at some other big Cup days. Let’s not show the photos.

Perth has so much going for it- easy access from the rest of the region, some very good musicians, casinos, the same time zone as Hong Kong and Singapore plus some very much ignored horse racing- good, competitive horse racing with a seemingly great sense of camaraderie between the riders.

Perhaps that great man of WA racing Michael Grant has some answers about how to market Perth racing more effectively?

Those whining about the January 1 meeting lacking value, well this was quickly rectified at Sha Tin today. This was when the Ricky Yiu trained Jolly Banner ridden by the Poon Train took out the G3 Bauhinia Sprint at 90 to 1 and beating, well, five far more illustrious runners.

Amusing was to hear so many competing for bragging rights by nattering about having Jolly Banner in their “numbers”.

People, there were six runners. Only six runners. There was no need for Einstein to bung the rank outsider into the obligatory four “numbers”. Please.

Most of the rest of the meeting didn’t go according to plan either with red hot favourites being rolled and horses without names placing at huge odds. Royal Racer? Almost winning at 134 to 1???

The Triple Trio bit the dust after the first leg and there was no winner of the Second Double Trio. One of those days?

So much for tipsters. So much for producing absolutely useless tipping shows that are more of a hindrance than a help, and the annoying sound of voices just nattering on and on after the horses have bolted. And horse racing wants risk averse millennials to join this party?

Where are the winning tools? Still with the Flintstones? Answers, anyone?

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