By Hans Ebert

They say a nudge is
as good as a wink
And that a big name
from Sydney
will be in Hong Kong
long before anyone thinks
He’ll add star power to
the trainers ranks
It’s really not that hard
to fill the missing link

Some say April
will see a big announcement
About a changing of the guard
Something Moore to
stir the pie?
With some Whyte sauce
on the side?
And what will Georgie say to that?
And is it really
that big a surprise?

The rumour mill goes round and round
There’s something new every day
Someone’s going
someone’s staying
And how someone’s gotta pay

Guess there’s a Peter Pan in all of us
Out here in Never Never Land
Where we often become Oliver Twisted
And the bucket list becomes a tin can

The Zac Attack and the Magic Man
Always put on a damn good show
It’s not exactly Masterpiece Theatre
But is that Kevin Spacey in the front row?

Wednesday was the night
when all the magic went poof
Literatteur and Matty Chadwick
winning the last at 43 to 1
Had many hitting the roof

Joao losing on
two red hot favourites
Might have been
tough to take
But are they Valley horses?
Winning at Sha Tin
will be a piece of cake

Everyone is a winner babe
But only when that ship comes in
That ship is usually the Titanic though
And with punters left to sink or swim

Here’s hoping for some luck today
Maybe a Happy Victory in race four
That’s anyway what
the Tweeter Man thinks
But who cares what he has to say?

The Zac Attack is back
He’ll be in the thick of things again
Superich could be another winner
But that Mr So And So
will give him something to chase

Remember that expensive purchase
The one called Harmony Hero?
It plods around again
The race looks a 2000 metre slog
between some very average types
A race where even
the Lally Man can win
And Dylan Mo puts in
A Mr Bean ride

There’s a Dancing Fighter
who might surprise
For the Fownes and Purton team
But Fabulous Eight
looks the one to beat
Multimillions will be running on
with a mighty head of steam

Could good guy Alberto Sanna
win and Rule The Roost?
The Sardine needs a comeback winner
To give his stocks a boost

But careful about the debutant
He’s called Win Win
He’s a longshot who
might just turn it on
But anything trained by Benno Yung
Could go very very wrong

She says to me the other night
“I’m not getting this racing game
“How much longer can it run?
“If everyone loses time and time again?”
“If tipsters can’t tip
and only lead you astray
“And if they can’t even tip a waiter
“Why are we supposed to play?”

Horse racing needs to understand
That everyone’s not the same
The oldsters are getting older
The newbies wanna change the game

Losers don’t like to see
how the other half plays to win
It’s another human condition
that just cannot be fixed

It’s the world we’re now living in
No one’s happy for anyone
There’s too much angst
going on inside
Pull up at the corner, man
Need to get off this senseless ride

Just remove me from the conversation
Don’t wanna be in the lost and found
Gotta make up for some lost time
Cannot always be Twitter bound

Really don’t care
About who wins or loses
As long as I end up in front
Don’t care for small talk
with little people
And lame duck conversations
About Daisy and The Punt

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