It took quite a while to decide
to call or not
But not letting pride
get in the way I did
The phone kept ringing
but no one picked it up
As usual, no one was home

Thinking back to
when we were together
Was either of us ever really around?
Somewhere along the way
we went on our separate journeys
We left her to herself

We gave her
everything she wanted
But not everything she needed
And now someone has to
shoulder all the blame
But this must stop somewhere
Those guilty feelings and careless whispers
Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
is bare

Be the guy in the black hat
in the ongoing drama
Have it keep
weighing him down
But sometimes
even the Joker must walk away
Gotham City and Batman
is not going to ruin
another Christmas Day

December 26, 2018

#life #love #family #TheJoker