By Hans Ebert

Why there’s this undue pressure in some sectors for the current Aussie cricket team to be more aggressive? To engage in tough talking “sledging”? How this is the way Aussies rule and intimidate the opposition. Please. It’s not only corny. It sounds soooooo contrived. Childish. Laughable.

What was heard through those stump mics during the second test match between Australia and India was embarrassing. “Witty banter”? It came across as scripted and irrelevant piffle.

The Indians trying to engage in “sledging” was idiotic. It was high camp Bollywood ballyhoo.

Aussie captain Tim Paine came across as a nice guy and average cricketer being forced to be what he isn’t: a tough guy. Came across as tough as a Ric Astley song.

The supposed aggression between Paine and Kohli? A schoolyard scrap. A bad Stallone movie. But aren’t they all?

Far more interesting is how the Indians fall apart the moment Kohli gets himself out in a five day Test match. It SCREAMS out, TOO MUCH HARD WORK. How the Big Rupees being paid for the 20/20 game and appearances in the IPL One Day matches with all the various trimmings like numerous wagering opportunities and humongous sponsorship deals is what matters.

This is when the brilliance of Virat Kohli is swept aside. The talent of Nathan Lyon is woefully overlooked. So he’s not Shane Warne. Who is? Nathan Lyon is a wonderful cricketer. Lyon versus Kohli? Always enthralling.

So the Aussies beat the woeful Indians. Anyone surprised? It was a Test match starring one million dollar and superb player who’s very smartly created a new, improved brand for himself. It’s showbiz.

Once Virat Kohli left the field, it was time to switch channels and get on with life.

Cricket is, like Jojo, busy trying to get back. Get back to where it once belonged and when there was a very long list of truly world class players.

Cricket today is only about one brilliant batsman with a very black beard plus a helluva lot of tatts and too many wannabes and poseurs not good enough to be in a national team.

Stupid broadcasting teams comprising gremlins doused in naivety doesn’t help. Yep. Just like many of those empty vessels in horse racing allowed to carry on regardless.

Thank Gawd, we still have Keith Richards around.

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