By Hans Ebert

Ignatius Cheung, below is a little man, perhaps a little strange to some, with big plans. Plans to revolutionise horse racing, worldwide.

Known to friends as Iggy, the American born Chinese-Mongolian entrepreneur plans to become the racing world’s first horse owner, trainer and jockey with his own stables located wherever there’s horse racing.

Having been a child stunt rider in movies ranging from “The Black Stallion” to “Ben Hur”, and describing himself as a “hoarse whisperer” able to communicate with horses through a special technique learned when living with the nomadic tribes in Inner Mongolia and studying Mongolian throat music, Ignatius Wolverine-Cheung, the only son of billionaire and controversial Forex trader Augustus Wolverine-Cheung, below, came into his own when creating Wolverine Enterprises and its privately held computer chip business.

With friends and business associates as diverse as George Soros, Snoop Dogg, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Carla Bruni, built up his spectacular empire.

In early 2017, he entered the world of horse racing in a low key manner by financing the unorthodox breeding techniques of Dr Wolfgang Mueller, below, to create Supertrax, the breed of iron horses.

Standing at 26 hands with two extra legs, Ignatius Wolverine-Cheung is now ready to have his own Supertrax races in every racing jurisdiction, each offering the biggest prize money ever offered.

Apparently already signed on to compete in the Supertrax series of races are twelve of the best riders in the world plus recent winners of the Supertrax Camel Drivers Challenge in Yemen.

Everyone who attends the races will be given US$1000 in spending money and with betting through his special Supertrax tote which he promises will offer completely new wagering opportunities.

Performing at halftime shows during the eight hour meetings will be an eclectic list of performers- Pink Floyd, The Flying Tarantino Family and The Giant Birds Of Peru.

As he puts it, “The Supertrax Series is more than horse racing. It’s Ignatius Wolverine-Cheung bringing a new spectacular sport to the world which everyone can have shares in owning and help grow.”

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