By Hans Ebert

It’s extremely messy out there. And instead of everything simplifying itself, the clutter around us is allowed to build. We’ve become hoarders. We have also let the tail wag the dog. Over and over again. Become an invisible enemy’s bitch.

Instead of doing everything possible to change things around, we go with the flow of mediocrity. Way too much undeserving politeness to maintain a certain status quo. To be liked.

Being a slave to love had and still has its good points. Any shade of grey is better than blandness. Better than being stuck on Repeat. Blindfolds can lead anywhere. And that journey could be exciting. With eyes shut wide.

Today, technology has replaced love and what we have is very much a dumbed down world. The blindfolds have become blinkers and the blind are leading the blind. Ever heard Trump trying to articulate whatever he’s trying to say?It’s so random that one just accepts it as it’s too much hard work to figure out. It’s not important enough. But what IS important enough? No one really knows. It’s like Game Of Thrones but without the nudity.

Sure, some are smarter than others. But in every industry are different cogs in the wheel. Back in the day they were called “pencil pushers”. Remember being able to write? With a pen? Tried to even sign your name these days? The wrist just doesn’t work anymore. We’ve been pressing buttons for too long. We’ve allowed ourselves to tolerate mediocrity. Continue to carry deadweight.

The underlying feeling is that this is the best that it gets. So, better the devil you know. And like that song about “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, fools are everywhere. The Peter Principle is, these days, for the smarter of the species. How bloody sad is that?

Instead of being challenged, we enjoy the company of Yes People. This isn’t the fault of the Yes People. They’re happy to have a gig to pay the piper. They’re actually being smart by being dumb. Blindly follow orders and being free from blame. No accountability.

It’s why so many in so many industries are coasting through life and why many of these industries are on their last legs. Literally.

Where are the leaders? Probably retreating from Poland.

Leaders can’t lead without the right troops. The Beatles were the best army in music with producer George Martin as its unofficial leader. But each knew that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The Beatles had no weak links. They fought off the Blue Meanies.

Neither did Led Zeppelin. Ray Davies led the Kinks and knew when to go it alone. Dylan became his own song and dance man. He was a leader and many of us followed because we believed in where he was going. His words resonated with us.

It’s like the films of Hitchcock, Scorsese, Spielberg, George Lukas, Tarantino, Truffaut, Polanski.

The genius of Walt Disney led us to Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.

It led us to the incredible creativity of Jim Henson. There’s my hero. Jim Henson. If good enough for Bowie…

On Sesame Street, the characters were of every colour. Except black and white. It was a Rainbow Connection. Big Bird. The Count. Bert and Ernie. Miss Piggy. Kermit. It was my daughter’s best school. So was The Muppets Show.

These characters broke down so many taboos. About being overweight. Being gay. Being green. Making it okay to dream. To imagine. To have an imaginary friend in our lives like Snuffleupagus who only Big Bird could see.

A few weeks ago, away from all the clutter surrounding us, a group of us returned to where we hadn’t been for a very long time. Our imaginations. We talked openly. About why the music industry today is about buyouts, streaming and drowning in second hand thinking and opening IPOs.

How money laundering keeps up false pretences. How all this dark, dank stuff is what keeps us from being free. Of fear. Racism. Fear to forgive and try at embracing real love again. And to never settle for second best. And giving in by not looking beyond the obvious.

Can horse racing, for example, have its own Sesame Street? Why the hell not? Okay, keep producing all those “racing” apps. How far have they got? Not far at all.

The moment one can describe and pigeonhole anything, it loses all meaning.

Let me take you down to Strawberry Fields and where the air is sweet. Sunny days. Let me take you down to Sesame Street.

We need to get back to that line of thinking. Enough of chasing our tails and biting ourselves in the arse in the process.

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