By Hans Ebert

Remember that old saying about striking while the iron’s hot?

So, for about a week, there were the Chinese whispers that Joao Moreira would be back. Riding in Hong Kong. A Sayonara to Japan. And there were hosannas from the high! The Brazilian Magic Man was coming back! It was gonna be a conga line of Carnivale de Rio!

That was around September. And where are we now? Not much further from September.

Of course, former ace SCMP racing writer and bestie amigo of Joao Moreira- Michael Cox- will have another exclusive. On Twitter. But hasn’t it all become a tad boring? This double act?

Is the Magic Man coming or going? Coming as stable jockey for John Size? Wasn’t this the last exclusive? Lost track?

We’re now in November and it’s really really quiet out there. Quiet because nothing makes any sense. At least over here.

One could be terribly wrong, but it seems as if Joao Moreira wants his cake and eat it, too: A stint in Hong Kong, but with always trying to pass those pesky exams and get a full time license to ride in Japan.

What will happen will happen. Or not. But, at the end of the day, it’s yesterday’s news.

Though a fan of Joao Moreira, the magic’s gone. Poof. Where was the supposed appearance in the Melbourne Cup?

Sad to say, Joao Moreira has lost his brand. His sponsorship appeal. His marquee value.

He’s suddenly looking like David Copperfield. A has-been. There are no new rabbits to pull out of the sombrero.

How quickly things- and moods- and that thing called horse racing- change.

Shuddup, Paul.

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