By Hans Ebert

It’s not what it was. Hong Kong. How long will a Hong Kong Belonger continue to live here? Really not sure.

Where did Hong Kong start to come apart at the seams? Probably when some of us thought everything was possible. And for some reason hit that brick wall of reality.

Everything changes. And not for the better. Friendships. Marriages. Careers. Trust. Priorities.

Having business meetings over the last few nights has been tough going. The Doors might have sung how People Are Strange. But in this socially media driven world, many living Facebook lives. seem to have battened down the hatches when it comes to the smarts.

Gone is common sense. Uncommon thinking. Knowing where to look when looking outside of the square. It’s the Age of the Sheeples. Individual thinking? What individual thinking? It’s a stream of buzzwords that are meaningless. Algorithms is the new pulse. The Word. The Answer.

Coming from the advertising and music industries, it’s pretty depressing to hear the sound of one hand clapping. To realise that there’s precious little teamwork. Or none at all. That you’re cut adrift and trying desperately not to sink with the mediocrity around you.

Is anyone popping smart pills? Why has Hong Kong’s Can Do spirit been replaced by a No Can Do ethos? Taxi drivers rebelling against the Uberites. The once trendy Lan Kwai Fong area becoming a gathering place for losers with chump change for company.

Meanwhile, the Soho area is dead. So are the new and old Wanchai. Singapore is lengths ahead of Hong Kong when it comes to nightlife. When all else fails, there’s at least Brix.

In Hong Kong? When all else fails, go home. Better yet, find someone you really trust who’s not looking for a free ride and escape to the beauty and innocence of somewhere like Sri Lanka. Or Kuala Lumpur. Regroup. Cut the cord. Relearn.

Where has Hong Kong gone off the rails? Lost its mojo? Allowed in Unhappiness. It’s a very unhappy city. Angry. Disparate. Desperate. Lost. Zero sense of pride. Overrun by fakirs, fakers and dime store shakers on bloated expat packages. Yet, the useless survive. Want a list? Perhaps this is the reason for the anger? The great untalented being rewarded.

Yes, there’s always the concern of the Motherland interfering in the affairs of her bastard son. There’s always something or another. It probably goes back to 1997 and The Handover. The day Hong Kong was sold down the river by its former British masters.

But know what? Whatever is ailing Hong Kong is afflicting the rest of the world.

In every major organisation of every major city is a culture of unaccountability. Add to this a working environment of fear that’s become paranoia.Toxicity.

There’s the need to have all the boxes ticked. It’s safety from failure. It’s about needing to be pigeon holed. And you wonder why there’s so little genuine creativity? Why incompetence and mediocrity is promoted? And rewarded. Why music and the arts have become discardable? No. One. Cares. Enough. To. Change. What. Is. Stunting. Creativity. Many have no idea what creativity is. Not when there’s Google. Wikipedia.

It’s all because of a world that’s lost its way. Where there are the usual tedious politics born out of insecurities. Politics encouraged to create instability. Why? Because out of chaos and confusion will come solutions? No. Only more confusion.

Those busy playing those endless game of thrones thrive on it. Chaos. It gives these puppet masters their edge. Control.

The solution? Create your own destiny. Move out of the darkness. Really listen to those untouchables. Realise just how little those words mean. But never forget them. See through those behind the masks.

Talk softly and carry a big stick. And when all the ducks are in a row, rise to the occasion. Use that stick.

Bring down the enemy. Create a new environment of positivity.

Never settle for being comfortably numb. The times must start to change again.

Following leaders and watching those parking meters just keeps you working on Maggie’s Farm. This is not living. It’s just surviving. And that’s not any way to live. Nor create.

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